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Mechanical Engineering Degree

Regina Said:

Would I be able to use a mechanical engineering degree in aerospace?

We Answered:

Yeah. ME degree can be very useful Aerospace industry. Depending on your specialization in ME you can go towards to dynamics and controls side where you could be working on flight controls, flight control actuators, hydraulics systems, jet engines etc.

Helen Said:

If I were to get a degree in Mechanical Engineering will I be able to design buildings?

We Answered:

Buildings are more for civil engineers. They build "structures", like trusses, bridges, buildings, etc. Mechanical engineers tend to build cars and some everyday products. Typically, to "design" these products and make them look nice and artsy, we leave that up to the graphic design majors and design engineers.

I will say this: if you like math and physics, I'd strongly recommend civil and mechanical engineering for you. I'm a polymer engineer, so I get to build pretty much anything that's plastic - from trophies to action figures to chairs. I'm also a mechanical engineer, and I've worked with teams who build cars. Either way, it's still pretty fun.

Clara Said:

Can I get a mechanical engineering degree in the royal navy?

We Answered:

Yes, you can get it paid for with an bursary. There's a big demand for Engineering Officers at the moment also. Go down to your nearest Navy AFCO and have a chat with them.

Jean Said:

How hard is a mechanical engineering degree to complete?

We Answered:

If you are interested and want to learn, you are halfway to successfully completing a mechanical engineering degree course. To achieve your aim, you also need to master calculus as it is very important in mechanical engineering.

To be sure that you know what is involved in studying and working in mechanical engineering, do a Google search for "mechanical engineering courses in the USA" and read the website entries for some of the colleges and universities that teach the program. You ought to also read the entry in Wikipedia.

Roland Said:

If I complete a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering can i still become a structural engineer?

We Answered:

Many civil engineering companies hire engineers from other disciplines — Mechanical, Electrical, Engineering Technologists, etc. Such engineers often identify themselves informally as civil/structural engineers.

Civil/structural engineering is different from most engineering fields because most civil engineers are licensed. Non-civil engineers can pass the first of the two Civil Engineering exams, (the "FE/EIT"), but they would have great difficulty passing the second exam (called the P.E. exam) unless they took courses for that purpose. Without the P.E. license and seal, engineers cannot sign engineering drawings or call themselves professional civil/structural engineers outside their own company.

However, there's nothing stopping a Mechanical Engineer from getting licensed as a Professional Engineer in Mechanical Engineering, and working in a Civil/Structural Engineering company. He will be able to sign some drawing of a mechanical nature, but not generally structural/civil drawings unless he wants to expose his company to litigation when things go wrong.

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I am doing mechanical engineering.