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Medical Assistant Diploma

Joyce Said:

Do you have to have a degree/diploma to do medical assistant work.?

We Answered:…

Melanie Said:

Anyone taking or have taken the Penn Foster Medical Assistant diploma program?

We Answered:

<>You must be the only one.

Andrew Said:

What is the difference between medical assistant associate degree and medical assistant diploma?

We Answered:

A degree takes about 2 years to earn and the lowest level is the Associate Degree. A diploma is less than a degree in stature and takes less time to earn. Most diploma and/or certificate programs take about a year to complete. As far as pay goes, it just depends. A doctor wants to know can you do the job and then experience will come into play. In some fields a degree carries much more weight over a diploma, but in other fields it doesn't matter as much. The good thing about a degree is that you can continue on w/ it in the future and get higher degrees. However, the benefit of a diploma is that you get working FASTER than if in a degree program and by the time your degreed counterparts are graduating, you would have a year of experience in the field and be making near what they would anyway. Good luck to you.

Jane Said:

I have a bachelor degree and medical assistant diploma and I need a nurses diploma How is faster way to do ?

We Answered:

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Dale Said:

Whats the difference between a certification and a business school medical assistant diploma?

We Answered:

Ok, generally to get a certification one needs a diploma. The process goes like this, you go to school for medical assisting and complete the program adequately. After graduation you take a state or national certification test to prove that according to your state's or national standards you meet the requirements to be a competent medical assistant.

Evelyn Said:

Which is better a medical assistant diploma or a medical assistant associate degree?

We Answered:

It's generally recommended to get the more "advanced" training, however, just a word to the wise that there aren't supposed to be too many jobs for the MA (or medical biller or coder) despite what those private $$ tech schools say. With the numerous training programs offered, the field is saturated.

For general career info: and can type into search.

If still considering training, please opt for the more affordable county vo-tech school or community college as long as the program is accredited within the industry.

For US colleges:

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