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Online College Courses

Sidney Said:

Are there accredited online college courses that you can sign-up and start quickly?

We Answered:

If you are a good test taker and if your college will accept it, there is a CLEP exam for Business Law. I didn't find this one all that demanding and was able to pass by studying an inexpensive study guide and reading the web.…

If that's not an option, and only if your college allows you to take outside courses this far into your program (I'd get that in writing before you take a course) then Louisiana State University offers Business Law online (… (they are AACSB) and their cost is very reasonable. They have rolling admissions to classes as opposed to the semester system so you can do it now. They require proctored exams and the courses are rigorous - this isn't an easy way out but would meet the demands of most colleges.

Make certain that you can even do this at this late stage of your degree program before you attempt anything that costs time and money.

Karl Said:

If I am taking college courses online am I allowed to leave my country?

We Answered:

You can leave the country, just make sure you have internet access, wherever you are going.

Just finished online courses, and had classmates that were all over the world. Many were in service, stationed in Iraq.

Nicholas Said:

What is the best college or university to take online college fully accredited college courses?

We Answered:

It was really wise of you to ask this question before you threw away your hard-earned money. You'll need every cent now that you have a new little one! :)

The ONLY online degrees that are valued in academia in the US are those offered through REGIONALLY accredited schools.

U of Phoenix (and Capella, and AIU, and all those places that advertise all over the web) are not regionally accredited. They are "distance learning accredited," or "nationally accredited," which means nothing in academic circles. They are for-profit business that make their money from companies that pay for their employees to take courses. Because these companies pay for the courses, they are usually accepted within each company, but not elsewhere.

Degrees from state-university administered distance education courses are much less expensive than those offered by those fly-by-night diploma mills, and the course credits are universally accepted, and *transferable* from university to university. (Diploma mill course credits are not.)

I've placed some superb links below to help you.

Bravo for asking the question, congrats on the new baby, and best wishes to you and your wife in your search for a quality education!

Johnnie Said:

What are the benefits of taking online college courses?

We Answered:

Online classes are a great way to take classes if you are strapped for time and can't fit a course into your schedule. That being classes are not for everybody. Often they are "Read chapters 1 and 2, and then take the test." So it's mostly "learn on your own". You MUST have the ability to keep up with work, by going to a class M W F you are constantly reminded..."Do this assignment, this is due then, that was due last week." With online classes you are your own master, and if you don't do the work in a certain period of time you're screwed.
Some people also have the misconception that online courses are easier, they are not. They are different. Some people excel at reading and then taking a test, others do not. If you can manage your time well (and you need to be honest with yourself on that) then you'll do fine.

Nicole Said:

What college universities offer online courses?

We Answered:

Just about every university in the US offers on-line courses. Make sure the university you select has a campus...not a totally on-line school. You need to ensure the college is accredited. Totally "on-line" colleges are not. Select one in your state, or one near you. Their course catalogue will indicate which courses you can take on-line. Good luck to you! (psychology professor)

Jamie Said:

What's the difference between Online College Courses and Online Programs?

We Answered:

As I know, this site has top listing of such college courses online -

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