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Online College Diploma

Guy Said:

Do you know of any good cheap online college diploma/degree type programs?

We Answered:

Actually education isn't cheap and this holds true for online courses as well. And in some cases, online education costs more than the traditional ones. But some universities provide financial aids to the students/working professionals who are low on funds.

You can check out the list of all the accredited universities providing the course of your choice here

After you have found out the course of your choice, you can contact the university authorities directly and ask them whether they provide financial aid or not.

Edith Said:

I bought a fake college diploma online and now make 70k a year. Does that upset you?

We Answered:

I want to be stupidly cool like you man - you are my hero.

Where is it that you work, I want to be your assistant!


Dan Said:

Online College Diploma vs. Attending College?

We Answered:

I would be careful looking for any "diplomas" online, as there are a lot of services online frequently referred to as diploma mills which do not add any real value and aren't worth any money spent for them.

That having been said if you are interested in getting a degree from an accredited online college then it will be recognized the same as a degree obtained on campus. Just as a degree from two different campus colleges are viewed differently by potential employers the same is true about online colleges. I would recommend contacting a number of schools to find the best fit for you and to find a school with the best reputation in your desired field. This site has some good information on accredited online colleges for you to consider:
Good Luck!

Ricky Said:

Can I sign up for community college online without a highschool diploma?

We Answered:

My local community college (which is decently respected around here) doesn't require a GED or diploma to take classes, but really you should get one while doing both.

Edgar Said:

Is there a college online to get your high school diploma that is REAL not a ripoff?

We Answered:

When picking one, look out for scams - any site offering to let you take a single test to get a diploma (the GED, their GED, their GED alternative, any one test) is a scam. The GED is not offered online. Any real school will make you submit transcripts and complete homework and take tests for every class you need. Real schools do not give life experience credit. Real schools will not guarantee you can be done in less than a few years. And real schools are accredited by agencies recognized by the US Dept of Education.

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