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Online Degree Programs

Glenda Said:

Do any ivy league schools offer full online degree programs?

We Answered:

Of the Ivies, four offer programs wholly online.

Harvard teaches online and you can complete a lot of the ALM (Master of Liberal Arts) online but will have to visit Boston for some. They do environmental management and information technology wholly online but this is graduate level too.

Cornell and Columbia both offer many programs wholly online. UPenn and Yale (med school) both teach online but offer no full degrees.

Other highly regarded schools that teach online include UC-Berkeley, UCLA, U Florida, UMass, George Washington U., Johns Hopkins U, Stanford, Duke, Boston U., Penn State and more. Several at the bachelor's level but most at the master's (due to demand and time issues).

You might be very interested in exactly which colleges are offering wholly online degrees, certificates, and diplomas these days. Even Oxford University is in on it. Check the web page of your favorites and search their web for "distance", "extension", and "online" to find the programs. Remember, distance and extension don't always mean online but often will.

Catherine Said:

What traditional colleges offer online degree programs?

We Answered:

You need to explore the on line educational site to gain knowledge about the online degrees i know one of the educational site which can help you to find the on line collage for online degrees which is

Daisy Said:

What are some good schools that offer online degree programs?

We Answered:

This site has some information on regionally accredited online colleges and has a good list of schools to help you start your search:
universities-colleges.aspx" rel="nofollow">…

Good Luck!

Pamela Said:

What are the best online degree programs?

We Answered:

I don't know if there are any that are recognized as best in your field. The one I am familiar with generally that is well recognized is Athabasca University in Canada. I've attached the website. It may be helpful to you at least for comparison purposes.

Michael Said:

What are some improvements that can be made to online degree programs?

We Answered:

If you are talking specifically online and not satellite the improvements should be as follows:
More feed-back from teachers and not teacher's assistants, although they do a good job most of the time. Tuition is high and time is costly to a student as well and I think they deserve attention and consideration even though the teacher cannot see their face. It is hard online because you don't know if you are the only one who does not understand an assignment, there is no way to compare notes or see sample papers etc.
Open chat is a good way to see what others are getting from the class. This online thing is almost like being blind, you have to feel your way through. I am a JR. in psychology at a University and have taken at least seven of both satellite and online and it really depends on your self-descipline and the dedication of the teacher

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