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Online Degree Uk

Thomas Said:

Where can I study for an online degree in the Uk?

We Answered:

Univ. of Liverpool is good. I actually advice students often on issues like this. Check out

Hope this helps!

Kristin Said:

Is a degree purchased online and apostillised considered to be a valid and legal degree in the UK?

We Answered:

Not every document can be certified by apostille. Apostille certification can only be granted by specific organizations within a country. Which organization issues the apostille depends on the kind of document that requires the certification but in general, if an online degree is not properly accredited and recognized by the necessary organization that has the authority to issue the apostille then the degree will not be apostille certified.

Companies that obtain apostille certification for documents are NOT the actual organizations that have the power to apostille documents. They only shepherd the document through the submission process. If the degree is not properly accredited then the company will not be able to get the apostille, although they still may charge you for the attempt.

Denise Said:

i want to study a degree online in the UK where can i study this?

We Answered:

I'm studying for a degree with the Open University and I'm in my 4th year. The courses are part time, you get assigned a personal tutor and the support is fantastic. I would definately recommend it!

Norman Said:

im from india , can i get degree online from UK?

We Answered:

Anyone can get a degree from any college wherever that college is if they are willing to pay and study.

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