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Online Diploma Programs

Sherry Said:

what online diploma programs can i use to get in the marines?

We Answered:


Hopefully this info will help. Have you checked with a USMC recruiter?

US Military Enlistment Standards

For enlistment purposes, the military breaks education into three overall categories: Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. The vast majority (over 90 percent) of all enlistments are from the Tier 1 category.

Tier I

Applicants in Tier I have a high school diploma, or at least 15 college credits. This means a high school diploma, not a GED. Depending on state law, completion of high school by home study may or may not be considered equivalent to a high school diploma.

Tier II

Tier II includes GEDs, home study (in some states), Certificate of Attendance, Alternative/Continuation High School, Correspondence School Diplomas, and Occupational Program Certificate (Vo/Tech). The services limit the number of Tier II candidates it will allow to enlist each year.

In the Air Force, the limit is less than one percent each year. In such cases, the applicant must score a minimum of 50 on the AFQT to qualify (Note: The "AFQT" is the overall ASVAB score).

The Army will allow up to 10 percent each year to be Tier II candidates, but they must score a minimum of 50 on the AFQT.

The Marines will only allow about 5 percent each year to be Tier II, and the Navy about 10 percent. Like the Army and Air Force, Tier II recruits must score a minimum of 50 on the AFQT to qualify.

Terry Said:

high school diploma online programs?

We Answered:

You can easily compare info about these schools in this site -

Nelson Said:

Do anyone know of any online programs where i can get my high school diploma? A program that don't cost a lot?

We Answered:

An on line list is below./

You can also try to see if there are evening classes taught by your school district. Some of the schools offer a diploma and there is little or no charge.

Wesley Said:

Little or not cost HS Diploma programs online?

We Answered:

The high school diploma or general education diploma (GED) is an official state document awarded to you when you complete five subject area tests. Some states offer a free GED test, but most states charge a moderate fee for the GED exams. Your state requires the tests to be taken in person at an official test center.

Be wary of online high school diploma programs that use online testing!

These are not an accurate and truthful measure of a candidate’s skills and knowledge and are not accepted by colleges and employers. Don’t trust schools that offer an online diploma! Most are fakes and put you in jeopardy with state laws. It is not legal to get a general education diploma online. You can prepare for the GED diploma online, but will have to take the test in person at a test center.

Good luck, Aiden's mom!

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