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Online Diploma Test

Leroy Said:

Is it possible for a 9th grader to take and online diploma test...?

We Answered:

I never heard of any such thing.

Patricia Said:

My Uncle paid someone to take an exam to get his High School Diploma. The test was online.?

We Answered:

i don't think he or someone else can go to jail but if the school finds out it wasn't legit they can revoke the diploma and make him take it in person but he wouldn't be able to take it again for a certain amount of time. It's what ever they deciede. Also depending how long you've been out of school, some people find it harder than others to pass. Miss smarty pants in the first answer must be a brain at everything! At least she thinks so anyway!

Amanda Said:

GED online test for diploma true or fake? Please need help soon?

We Answered:

Those GEDs are not accredited and will not help you. You must take the test in person in order for it to count. Don't quit school! Especially if you are going to go to college. You are going to make it alot harder on yourself. Do you know that you will have to take a bunch of extra courses when you start college if you drop out of high school? Trust me just stick it out! You will regret it if you dont.

Ramona Said:

Has anyone got their diploma online by just taking a test and passing it?

We Answered:

A diploma is just a piece of paper. If you have met the requirements for graduation to your parents' satisfaction, they can grant you a diploma.

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