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Online Doctorate Degree

Dennis Said:

Is the Swiss management center a good place to take an online doctorate degree?

We Answered:

It can be, depends who is behind it. Otherwise the degree might be not recognised and worthless.

Joyce Said:

Can anybody suggest the cheapest online doctorate degree available?

We Answered:

Capella and American University for starters. You can also try to look for a traditional local university.

Salvador Said:

Thinking about getting an online doctorate degree. ?

We Answered:

If your ultimate goal is to teach on the university level, i would seriously discourage you from obtaining an online PhD degree. These types of degrees are not taken seriously in the academic world, because of the possibility that it was just a degree-mill. The fact that you would be doing this so you "DON"T HAVE TO JUMP 50 HOOPS" is an tip-off to how nonsensical this probably is.

You might want to consider talking to the dean or associate dean of a school of Social Work (maybe one you would NOT consider going to), and honestly discussing with that person how an online PhD would be viewed by such a department.

I do not know about the competiveness of the world of social work -- if it is hard to find a teaching position or not. That would be something you'd want to investigate.

But consider: if the Dean had two candidates in front of him/her, with similar experience and backgrounds, do you think she'd accept the one with an online degree over one with a more traditionally-obtained degree?

Mary Said:

need advice about online doctorate degree?

We Answered:

All the info you ever need about online colleges. I found my college there it was a lifesaver for me . I was able to earn a degree in sports management online and now i love my job (first time in my life i can say that)

Lydia Said:

Online doctorate degree in reputable university ( I am located in va) But any location will be fine.?

We Answered:

Dear ,

For my latest project, I has been searching for almost one week on the same topic and found this.

Best of luck

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