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Online Ged Diploma

Alan Said:

how to get a realy diploma or ged online that you can use at a community college?

We Answered:

Visit this site
Here you will find enough information that will help you solving your question.

Gladys Said:

What is a good way to get my GED or Diploma online?

We Answered:

I am getting my Diploma over the internet, i live in washington, and they just started this new program where it is free, it is called I start next fall, all over the internet, no books, no cost, mabye you can find a site like this in whatever state you are in!!

Lucy Said:

What program should I use to get my GED or Highschool diploma online.?

We Answered:

Be wary of online tests. It's better to get a GED at an adult school in your area.

Joann Said:

Is it possible to actually GET your GED diploma online?

We Answered:

Yes my GranDaughter is doing that right now if things go right she will get a diploma next Spring.
Good Luck

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staso niya waghem.da kaperano zaamano.da mor angrezii mo waghem.

gul badeen said:

da do da khor da speen kwas waghem.