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Online High School Courses

Kyle Said:

is it possible to take high school courses online the summer before i start my freshmen year at high school WA?

We Answered:

Cathy Said:

Free or cheap online high school courses I can take?

We Answered:

do u live in florida?
b.c theres a cite and itz free online classes u can take
itz (i think or just google it)
i've taken classes on that cite
or if u dont live in Florida...then see if ur state offers a cite like that

Maureen Said:

How do you transfer from a public high school to just taking online high school courses?

We Answered:

dont be antisocial
dont get addicted to the computer

Dean Said:

What are the requirements to take online high school courses?

We Answered:

The true answer to this will depend upon your state and which school you want to enroll in, but this link will give you guidance on what most requirements are for Virtual High School online:…

Good luck.

Sylvia Said:

can anyone recomend me to some online high school courses websites?

We Answered:

Try you can take courses there to get your diploma.

Charles Said:

What do universities think about grade 12 online high school courses?

We Answered:

they might not accept it because high school grade are childish.

Darlene Said:

Do universities accept online high school courses?

We Answered:

Each school has its own rules about it. You can compare their rules and students feedback here -

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