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Online High School Diploma Ged

Corey Said:

Online GED/ High school diploma question.?

We Answered:

You mentioned that you might be going to a community college. Our CC is where the GED's are given. Call around to those schools and see if they can/will help you. Good luck.

Perry Said:

what's better an online high school diploma or a GED?

We Answered:

You are asking for an answer based on a fact but that cannot be done. Which is better on just about anything is an opinion. I would say that an online diploma from an ACCREDITED college is better than a GED./

Janet Said:

Online GED/ High school diploma qestion.?

We Answered:

It's far easier -- and less expensive -- to just take the GED test at a local school/college. Look up GED testing centers on your state's website. The test really isn't that hard, I prepared with two $15~ McGraw-Hill study books I bought from Amazon, and got 97% of the questions correct.

The worst part about it is the length, took about 9 hours total for me, since they had to wait for everyone to finish between each segment of the test. Lengths vary between states, though, and they'll probably also offer a two day test that is 3-5 hours each day as well. At the very least, it's worth attempting the test, you don't have much to lose. In NJ you to retest for free on any parts you fail, I'd imagine it's the same in most other places.

Dorothy Said:

Which really is better- the GED or an online high school diploma?

We Answered:

If you are no longer in high school, the GED is your best option. You cant actually get a high school diploma unless you graduate from high school- all those online high schools are scams that charge you $300-$1000 for a piece of paper they claim is a diploma. There are also websites that suggest you can take the GED online- these are scams just like the online high schools-merely diploma mills charging you for a piece of paper (they even have fake accreditation!)
If you want to further your education to get a better job or go on to college, getting your GED is a great option. You can take the GED test at a testing center in your local city, usually a community college or adult learning center offers the test once or twice a month. To look up a testing center in your area go to and enter your zip code.
If you want to pass the test the first time you should probably study for it- there are lots of good books out there if you like to learn from books or you can go to classes one night a week for 6-12 months. If you want to get your GED really fast, try studying online. The GED Academy has a really good interactive program that lets you study online so you can pass the test the first time- check them out at

Hope this helps and good luck to you as you further your education.

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