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Post Graduate Diploma

Rodney Said:

I want to pursue a post graduate diploma/degree in photography in kolkata. Which university can I do it from?

We Answered:

I'm sure there are good schools where your at, if you can't find any you might try one you can do over the internet or through the mail. New York Institute of Photography is a great course and they send all your materials to you in easy to follow books, CD's and DVD. It is about 1,000 dollars in the USA and there offer several payment options. I did it for like 45.00 a month.

For a more traditional school and degree I am now enrolled with the Art Institute of Pittsburgh online where I am working on my BA of science degree in Photography. It is a great school and would highly recommend it. Good luck

Miguel Said:

Where can i study post graduate diploma in accounting?

We Answered:

pattison college

Alan Said:

What is the difference between Post Graduate and Post Graduate Diploma?

We Answered:

PG means Masters Degree and Pg diploma is diploma after graduation

Marilyn Said:

Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management schools in Canada specially in Manitoba or BC?

We Answered:

Information is below.

Beverly Said:

Can a post graduate diploma increase salary?

We Answered:

depending on the country. some value it some r ok with it. some will come with salary increase some dont. in usa - its usu recognized n salary goes up one notch. in uk/some commonwealth countries, if not related to job esp in civil service u get nothing.
social work, banking-finance, IT, - masters will get u higher as there's this aura of 'high-ness'.
when it comes to promotion, it sure will help. and we all should not only have IQ EQ is equally more important nowadays than just a paper

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[email protected] said:

I want to do Diploma in Business Administration through distance learning