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Postgraduate Diploma In Psychology

Arthur Said:

how do i get a career in forensic phsycology?

We Answered:

i dunno, but i would suggest talking to the curriculum adviser person. or, ask a professor what courses you should take to achieve your goals.
that's all i got

Holly Said:

I don't understand... Which is better, a PG-Dip or a MSc?

We Answered:

An MSc is a higher qualification that a Pg Dip as it requires the completion of more credits or modules. This is sometimes the submission of a thesis although not all MSc degrees require the submission of a thesis.

A Pg Dip is usually an exit point in an MSc. For example, you can register on an MSc, and exit the course after you have done about one 3rd of the modules (gives you a Pg Cert), two 3rds of the modules (gives you a Pg Dip) or all of the modules (gives you the full MSc). Typically in the UK an MSc takes 1 academic year of study.

I'd be VERY surprised if there are no requirements for the MSc but there are requirements for the Pg Dip because the MSc requires the Pg Dip modules plus some more. I'd maybe check that again.

Hope this helps! :-)

Stanley Said:

Qualifications help!

We Answered:

If all your need for for Postgraduate course is the biology, then why should you take more GCSE's?

I think now you are doing a BA, GCSE's really don't matter. Employers will look at how hard you have obviously worked to get how far you've got, it shows alot of determination.

Lorraine Said:

I have Physical education bachelor, Can I apply for master in curriculum studies or educational psychology?

We Answered:

There is a possibility that you will be accepted. Go ahead and apply./

Jean Said:

Art Therapist?

We Answered:

Hi, I too was going to go into Art Therapy but I changed to School Psychology.

Where do you live? If you live in the U.S., then you don't need to be approved by the British Association of Art Therapist. You need to be approved by the American Art Therapy Association.

Go here for more info:…

Undergraduate is the first 4 years of college (Associate degree and Bachelor degree) and postgraduate is your graduate student years (Master's and PhD levels).

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