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Sample High School Diploma

Paula Said:

Resume Help Please?

We Answered:

List his accomplishments. Especially anything you can associate with numbers ... dollar values are great... "Sold a million dollars worth of computer system support" and the employer won't care about a degree.

List training classes, certifications, any kind of recognition.

Use lots of verbs... Led, managed, resolved, taught, etc. Accomplishments are worth more than education.

An education, at the higher levels, is an attempt to jump-start actual experience. And experience is constantly changing. Recent experience is more valuable than an old degree.


Henry Said:

How do you put "high school diploma" on a resume?

We Answered:

No - please do not put your graduation date on your resume!! Employers do not want to see any self-identifying information on your resume, which includes your age. If you put that you graduated in 2008, they know that you are approximately 18 or 19 years of age, and this may be inadvertently used in a hiring decision.


___ High School
City, State
High School Diploma.

You usually always put the name of the institution first.

Mildred Said:

high school exam?

We Answered:

I have linked you to an excellent article about the chspe, written by a teenager. It includes sample questions and a suggestion for a study guide.
Just so you will know, you are NOT required to take the chspe unless you are enrolled in a public school ISP program.

Mario Said:

Home school-diplomia?

We Answered:

You do not need a GED. Your mom, or the certified teacher can make you a diploma.

More importantly, you need a transcript. Here's a good place to make one free, or inexpensively:

If you plan on attending college, then you will need the transcript in addition to taking the ACT and/or SAT tests. Some colleges may also want to look at a portfolio of your work, again that your mom, the teacher, and yourself can do.

Another way to get into college is to take community college classes while still in high school. That way you build up credits and may be at a sophomore or junior level by the time you wish to go to a university.

If you use an "umbrella" school/organization, or enroll in an online or correspondance curriculum, then you might possibly receive a diploma from them.

Again, you do *not* need your GED.

Guy Said:

Getting a sample diploma for project?

We Answered:

I found this Diploma GENERATOR. Enjoy....…

Leslie Said:

Is anyone good at statistics?

We Answered:

Problem 1:

InvNorm 0.95 = 1.645

using the formula:
Z = (x - µ)/(v/n)^0.5

(that last bit reads as variance divided by sample no. all square rooted)
1.645 x (v/n)^0.5 = x - µ
µ = - (1.645*(17.5/(40)^0.5) - 100) = $95.45

I think that's right... my statistics is still a bit rusty.

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