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Short Courses In Singapore

Ethel Said:

Are there any short courses in fashion design in Singapore?

We Answered:

Check out the link below, and see if it has what you are looking for.

Best of luck to you!!

Nellie Said:

is there any short photography course in Singapore?

We Answered:

Like many things in life. Learning to ride a bike, learning to swim, play ping pong, you don't have to attend a class to learn photography.

Olga Said:

hey fellow mates! Where can i find short courses on makeup and style in SINGAPORE?

We Answered:…
^This girl is awesome... she's from Singapore and she makes videos about hair, makeup, etc. Just ask her to make a vid for you! Hope this helps!

Kurt Said:

What type of short courses are there in Singapore?

We Answered:

what kind of short of courses you are looking for? If its Diploma that is less than a year, you can contact me at [email protected]

Emma Said:

Are there beauty schools with short courses on aesthetics in Hongkong or Singapore?

We Answered:

What does this question have to do with the education of students with special needs

Terri Said:

i will take a short course in singapore. please help me in order to find cheap flat. i will stay for 2 weeks?

We Answered:

cheaper in KL

Paula Said:

Where can I learn Chinese massage in Singapore (short course) I am Thai liveing here for a while?

We Answered: or call 1800 1301 528.maybe this School of SPA have some short terms course for you.

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