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Short Diploma Courses

Loretta Said:

Is there any institute which provides short term diploma course in "HOTEL/HOSPITALITY SALES & MARKETING".

We Answered:

You don't need a degree in hotel sales, just a nack for azz kissing.

Janice Said:

Which colleges in australia offer medical radiology&sonology courses, preferably diplomas or short courses?

We Answered:


I used to be an international students in Australia and I'll try to help you abit...

The best is to use IDP Education Australia website ( IDP is an organisation that gives information to international students who wants to study in Australia. I have entered keyword "radiology" and found some universities that offer the course for international students. Unfortunately, none offered on the diploma levels, nor for sonology.

In regards to accommodation, the best one for you & spouse will be renting a flat/apartment near campus. What you need to do, once your departure is set, ask the accommodation section of the uni to book you (or at least give you info) in the nearest short-term accommodation for both of you. After arrival, you can find flats/apartments available for rent around the campus and check them out yourself. On-campus/dorm will be more expensive (if you can find one that accommodate spouses) since you will have to pay for 2 single individuals.

Hope this helps. Good luck for your study and welcome to Australia :)

Claude Said:

i have done my MBA in HR. Now i wish to do any MPhil course or short term diploma course in human phycology?

We Answered:

You could do a full 2 year M.S in Psychology, or even a 1 year certificate. Often these are designed for Psychological Analysts, and within a specific school of thought; i.e. Jungian Analyst. But, it may be enough of a study for what you want from it.

Jim Said:

Where can i find a school here in manila with a vocational or short courses for fish filleting and cheaper?

We Answered:

No , I dont know of any...;

Violet Said:

i want to pursue short term diploma course in aus or singpore, but not sure which university is best to choose

We Answered:


Smiles has given you a good head start on information for Australian colleges. FYI... short term diploma courses in Australia are offered by the colleges, not uni. TAFE is public/government college, and there are private as well. The course is usually categorised as Vocational Course/Study.

I suggest you to go to the Dept. of Education, Science and Training website ( or IDP Education Australia ( online database rather than Googling (or Yahoo-ing). It will give the list of institutions that are able to offer courses to international students who wants to continue their study in Australia. The info abt fees and requirements are available from the colleges' websites. Please make sure that the information you are accessing are the one for International Students. Once decided on the college, fill in the international students application form and send it together with certified copy of your academic transcripts. Depending on your country of origin, you may also need to submit an IELTS test results as proof of your English proficiency.

Hope this helps. E-mail me at mikegun(at) if you have any more questions abt study in Australia. Good luck on your study )

Tanya Said:

Will the IATA short term courses offered by other universities will worth it for a graduate?

We Answered:

Yes, IATA courses will benefit and will help in getting a good job in Airlines and its related field depending on the course chosen.
Always do IATA authorised course from a reputed Institute.
These web site links will be of help.

Vicki Said:

give me detail of colleges offering "diploma courses in Architecture" in Rajasthan?

We Answered:

Check out the Aayojan School of Architecture.

For more information:…

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Dissertation Writing Service said:

I don't know much about design, however, I have quite recently finished my studies in Australia. In the event that you are searching for a certificate and fleeting studies and you are as yet needing to come to Australia, then I think the best thing for you to do is discover a TAFE foundation. These are all over Australia in the distinctive states. It would appear that you wouldn't fret living in the tropics, so Queensland or Western Australia may be great states for you to investigate.