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Social Work Courses Online

Charlotte Said:

Where can I find a legitmate college who offers online courses in Counseling or Social Work?

We Answered:

Adelphi has an amazing program for social work. Im uncertain how online classes work with adelphi but it might be worth checking out.

Grace Said:

Is it possible to become a social worker with an online degree?

We Answered:

If it is a local college you need to call an individual related with the school of social work or the admissions coordinator. It is not just due to the fact that you are receiving the degree online online (because you are just taking online classes through a local college). What is most important is that you need to find out whether the school is an accredited school of social work. If it is not then you will receive your degree, but you will not be able to put BSW behind your name.

Jonathan Said:

Are online courses good?

We Answered:

most courses such as counseling, teaching, etc that require 'practical knowledge' require some in person classes in addition to the online ones so that the students can do the practical part. you might want to look into weather the course you want to take has that, and if that will conflict with your job. I just wanted to say that bit.
but to answer your question; all I can say is that I know people who have taken online courses, and that has not stopped them from getting any job. as far as i know, that fact wasn't even looked at. I've never seen the question 'did you take collage online or at a campus?' be on a job application.
I will say that how good the college is may effect how valuable the degree is just like it would with a degree from a campus (an online course from an ivy league may count for more than one from a community college)

Dan Said:

Social Work Course online?

We Answered:

my college has a huge online courses

Nelson Said:

free ceu courses online for social work,psychology or human services?

We Answered:

Not many things in the world are free, and sorry to say, i don't think that's one of em.

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Barn Lights said:

well its a great answer.because really i didn't know enough about courses about social work.