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Teaching Assistant Courses

Tommy Said:

Is teaching undergraduate courses as a graduate assistant hard and stressful?

We Answered:

This will probably vary from school to school, and program to program, and even major to major, but the classes where I was a TA were the discussion sessions. As in, the professor taught the main class, which was a large lecture, and then the TAs helped by leading the smaller discussion sections where you answered homework questions, helped kids that did not understand something from the main lecture, or I also led some lab classes.

My suggestion is to ask in the department exactly what your responsibilities would be!

Gladys Said:

What is the best home study teaching assistant course? The course must be accredited! Any help would be great.

We Answered:

You might find this helpful:……

Roland Said:

teaching assistant courses?

We Answered:

If your in the US, all you need is 30 credits from a university to be highly qualified OR you need to go and take a teacher assistant test (different in each state- many use the PRAXIS version). I think the test is free to take, contact a local school to take it. You DONT need any diploma etc.

Joann Said:

advise on teaching assistant courses please?

We Answered:

An NVQ is normally what is required but it is a very hard job to get into, even when you see an advert in the job ads, you can bet the post is already filled from within the school and it's just going through the motions.
If you have the time why not try being a volunteer at a local school until september and that will give you a feel for it. I wouldn't go down the distance learning route because then you haven't really had the classroom experience you need when you are applying for jobs.

Velma Said:

Can anyone suggest a distance learning teaching assistant course please?

We Answered:

The Open University offers courses which start at different times of year:…

The OU always ranks high in terms of student satisfaction, can be fitted around your work/family commitments and is highly respected by employers.

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