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Texas High School Diploma

Elmer Said:

I have a high school diploma from texas careers i paid 180 dollars and now there is a rumors that it is fake.?

We Answered:

I looked up the website for Texas looks legit.…

But, it did not list an offer for a high school diploma. It listed only technical and vocational diplomas.

Dave Said:

Can a 17 year old with a high school diploma move out without emancipation in Texas?

We Answered:

You would most likely have to move to a place that did not require a rental agreement. The age of majority in Texas is 18. So you must be 18 in order to sign a contract of any kind. I would not recommend moving anywhere without a rental agreement. That agreement protects both the landlord and the tenant. If I were you I would wait it out until I turned 18 and save all of the money I can before moving out.

Laurie Said:

Will a texas community college accept my online high school diploma from Penn Foster?

We Answered:

I work at Northeast Texas Community College in Mount Pleasant. I did some checking on Penn Foster and, from what I can tell, their accreditation is legitimate. It shouldn't be a problem for you to use this to gain admission to a community college in Texas. If they wouldn't accept it for some reason, your best bet would probably be to take the GED exam here in Texas. Hopefully, it won't come to that though. I know you're in south Texas, but check out what we offer at!

Jimmy Said:

What special education programs in San Antonio ,Texas, can help me get my high school diploma?

We Answered:

Get an IEP (individual educational plan) through your Sp. Ed. dept. and an ARD (attention review and dismissal). Then, go to AACOG (Alamo area Council of Governments) or DAR for more help and the SP. Ed. dept. will give you a number if you don't have one. AACOG is located on Tesoro. They will even hook you up with DARS.

Don't let anyone tell you IEP (individual educational plan) is just as good as a "regular" diploma. Some kids are gifted, some are emotional and quite honestly most today are "at risk" for dropping out, so they need an IEP. Even smart kids (the gifted) are not honors, but they are a heck of a lot smarter than honors, their brains just work a bit different. Lots of skater kids are usually gifted. Lots of doctors and teachers' kids are usually gifted also. It's the combination of creativity and intelligence that usually causes a kid to be autistic or an indigo child.

In my opinion, kids with Sp. Ed. needs are really luckier than the regular kids because they have special priviledges and more government money is spent to help them succeed. Most counselors avoid this knowing that the government money has to go to these kids first, so they try to talk parents and students out of being in these programs.

Oh and thanks Doc...that was nice of you to mention me... just let me know if there are any other questions more specific to your needs. I have a gifted child and a indigo child and I have been teaching these kids since 1980 off and on. TAhere is a special place in my heart for kids. I like the Sp.Ed ones the most because they are truly the nices and most respectful. The regular ones make me sometimes want to just pull out my hair, but they will learn to eventually that everyone is needed in our world.

Gloria Said:


We Answered:

I believe that you do need either a GED or a high school diploma./

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