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Travel And Tourism Diploma

Perry Said:

I done my graduation in BA (pass). diploma in travel tourism from ymca and IATA Foundation online diploma from?

We Answered:

Google the companies(as if you're looking for trips to south asian countries), you'll get lists of companies.Then apply for jobs.
Simple right ??

Bertha Said:

Doing diploma in Travel/Tourism @ ABE. How much to expect to earn after diploma in UK?

We Answered:

think around 35,000-40,000...

Olga Said:

What jobs can I get with an Ontario College Diploma in Travel and Tourism?

We Answered:

I used my Travel/Tourism diploma in conjunction with my Culinary diploma + apprenticeship to get a manager's position in a high end restaurant. You can also manage hotels and touring companies with it.

Debbie Said:

what jobs can i get if i get a national diploma in travel and tourism?

We Answered:

im doing the same course!!
message mee

Micheal Said:

Please suggest for post graduate diploma for travel and tourism?

We Answered:

welll there are loads of institute . However those who got good placement record should be chosen.

Clifton Said:

What should I do for my career: Apprenticeship or BTEC National Diploma in Travel and Tourism?

We Answered:

DO NOT do a BTEC National Diploma.

They make it out to be some wonderous thing when really its a mediocre course that is not recognized by businesses in the real world.

If you can then do a Highner National Diploma (HND), its not much better but holds more ground on a CV then a National.

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