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Web Design Diploma

Christy Said:

How is the Web Design Diploma Program at the Art Institute of Atlanta?

We Answered:

save your money and go to

Erika Said:

does anyone have any experience with on line web design diploma programs are they legit & how do you know?

We Answered:

The simple answer is that you don't know if anything online is legit. If you are signing up for a diploma program check out that it is authenticated by a college or university.

Deborah Said:

Is A College "Diploma" In Web Design Enough To Learn Basic Design?

We Answered:

Sam is right, but as someone who, with and without degrees has been bumming around the design and programming worlds for the last thirty years-- with and without degrees-- if you can get EVEN a semester at SCAD go. Design is an academic discipline which has absolutely nothing to do with the web, except familiarity with it pleases even clients who "hate that artsy-fartsy stuff". It is worth a foundation in the "aesthetic stuff" which in full would be about two years of classes, plus obviously if you want to do web design that too. Believe me, any way you can borrow or beg the tuition money, it will pay off in future earnings. If you have to go back to school do but the sooner you get it the longer over your lifetime you will be a hot commodity. Two years is the equivalent of an associates degree. From a school like SCAD completion of the courses is DEFINITELY the equivalent -- and better than a diploma.

Carolyn Said:

I just completed a cert 4 in web design and web development diploma, which IT degree is most suited?

We Answered:

I don't think there are University degree programs which corresponds to Web development here in India.

There are Certain Univ in India which offer Diploma in Multimedia etc; but they will not any connection with Web development.

You can try Multimedia Institutes like Arena, Image etc; they will offer some Multimedia programs in connection with Web development.

I will suggest you one thing - better do BCA or B.Sc in Computer Science. A professional degree in Computer Science Education with Web Development Certificate is enough to get in to this field.

Vicki Said:

Is An Advanced Diploma Enough to get into web design?

We Answered:

Your best bet would be to finish the course, get the diploma etc. etc.

But you may be more likely to get a job in your chosen area by havin some examples of you work to show your employer in an interview.

Ken Said:

where can i take web design diploma or course in independent center in alexandria?

We Answered:

u can call (eldalel) or look it up on the internet on yellow page where is computer training center in alex ifound this website for u hope it helps good luck…
Alexandria, Egypt
431 El Horreya Rd.
Alexandria, ALY 21311

Phone: + 203-543-0820
Fax: + 203-543-1713
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