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Work Experience Degree

Jose Said:

what job can i get with little work experience no degree and don't involves the public.?

We Answered:

Postal route
paper delivery
truck delivery-you can be trained by the companies(pending what sets your anxieties off)

home health care for one of your relatives.

Kurt Said:

Does master degree count as work experience?

We Answered:

a masters degree is classified as EDUCATION not work experience unless there was an internship involved for instance student teaching for a masters in education/teaching .. then you could put it down but otherwise it is ONLY EDUCATION

Pedro Said:

Need work experience to get into social work masters degree programme?

We Answered:

Peace Corp will always look good. Americorp will also usually look good.

Work in any human service field will always look good. Easiest jobs to get are working with youth and older adults. But any job where you are working with populations at risk or in need (e.g. HIV, Disability, poverty, grief & loss, etc.)

Working in a job with the title "social worker" (e.g. for child welfare where they give that title even if you are not really a social worker).

Working on a political campaign -even an internship in a congressman's office can be good. Activism and policy work will always look good. Working for any of the PIRGS or ACORN doing community organizing.


Wesley Said:

Why does employers show preference for a degree over work experience?

We Answered:

It's not what you think. Sometimes educated outsiders are hired to even out the status quo and add new ideas, enhance the atmosphere. When it happens, they want a change.... It's nothing personal.

Mary Said:

if i have an degree with no work experience in that degree, how do i get the job?

We Answered:

You contact companies you want to work for and do an unpaid internship. This will give you experience, and you will make contacts, and maybe they will offer you a job at the end of it.
Or else go for an entry-level job in a related field, where you can get contacts and experience. Less pay, but everyone has to start somewhere.

Carole Said:

Marketing myself with new degree and previous work experience?

We Answered:

I would look at some of the extra large entertainment centers, Vagas, Miami Beach, Orlando.

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