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Free Education In Sweden

Nancy Said:

Is Education free in Sweden,Denmark,Norway and Finland?

We Answered:

It's "free" in Finland (funded with taxpayers money). For now, everyone can apply and get the same benefits (also non-EU students), but it's under debate if some or all foreign people should pay some kind of fees. However, I don't think that kind of laws will pass this year.... That process will take some time, and nothing has been decided yet. There are people both for and against that one, and there are naturally also facts supporting both sides.

Fees for people who have Finnish nationality are not going to happen in the foreseeable future, our system has turned out to be working and effective.

Carmen Said:

how can i get free education in sweden as im from poor family in Kashmir Pakistan?

We Answered:

Beyond us taking in way too many from that area of the world.. Look.. it's way more complicated than that. Imagine that you come to Pakistan and don't speak Persian (or whatever language you speak). Imagine trying to get an apartment without anyone being able to understand you. It wouldn't work. Sure speaking good english is enough theoretically. But long term it's not enough. Yes the education is free but living isn't, things are VERY expensive here you'd need about 1 200 USD a month to be able to have a decent economic life, 1 900 USD is better but even then you would still have to keep costs down.

The education isn't free.. sort of.. it's free for you but we end up paying for your education, we = the tax payers. If you come here just to get an expensive education for free you're not gonna be liked a lot.

Patrick Said:

Any free education for international students in Sweden or other European countries. are Nigerians accepted?

We Answered:

Nigerians can apply for 2011 spring semester admissions in Sweden. It's true that Sweden has imposed tuition on international students, but this takes effect from 2011 autumn semester admission. If you are lucky to apply before 15th August, 2010 which is the deadline, you will be entitled to free education in Sweden until you finish your study program. Meanwhile, there are other tuition free universities for international students in Europe. These tuition free universities didn't stop granting free education to international students. Get a list of these universities and application procedure for spring semester admission in Sweden here:

Kent Said:

is it true free education in sweden will stop by d end of this year?

We Answered:

Yes it's ending this year (well actually it isn't ending until January the 1st 2010 but yeah.. this year..) with the possible exception that the social democrats get elected and they choose to reinstate that "free for all" education.

To rareearth and all those under clowns.
Really? Socialism doesn't work? OMG! Thx for telling me that! Sure Sweden has been called the most successful nation the world has ever seen and socialistic countries' populations have the absolutely highest standards of living in the world, the highest life expectancies (if you wonder what health has to do with socialism think free to almost free health care), the best educated population in the world (Sweden is number one here with 35% of the population having college/university education) and jeez how long can I go on? But ok, I get it, socialism doesn't work, that's why we are the happiest on the planet too I guess.. Ffs.. some people.. ignorant annoying nationalistic assholes! Go to school and learn about the world!.. Or maybe you can't afford it? HAHAHA

Mario Said:

Is Sweden Free education finishing?

We Answered:

Education is free for Swedish citizen however from 2011 a tuition will be charged for international students.

Cindy Said:

Is education free in Sweden and Denmark?

We Answered:

I buy a one way ticket for you...

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I have one year and two years vocational certificates in civil draftsman. I have 15 years experience. My age is 43. Can I get admission in diploma in Architect course. Please guide me how can I get free education in Europe. thanks .Naseer Jilani from Pakistan .