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Ghana Education Service

Roberto Said:

who was the 1st president of ghana?

We Answered:

Kwame Nkrumah

Heidi Said:

Whers is a reliable source of funding for community based organisations ?

We Answered:

Are their any grants available that you can write and request funding for? That would be a great place to begin. Good luck and God bless

Darryl Said:

would you recommend moving to ghana,if so why?

We Answered:

Dear me ... one normally doesn't just pull up roots and move to a new life in a new country (with three kids without first having given it serious thought.

Ghana is safe, but you got to realize that it is a 3rd world country. This means, for example, that health facilities and schools are generally poor unless you pay top dollar.

If you stay to work, you will need both visa and work permit.

My advices are ...
try to visit as tourists and check out the place.
don't move until you have job(s) in hand

You are most likely to find work in Accra or Tema, but honestly, the chances of finding work are slim unless you don't go for highly paid expat jobs.

Miguel Said:

My volunteer organization needs to raise money to work in Buduburam, Ghana. anyone know grant or scholarships?

We Answered:

Besides the obvious one of placing an ad in the paper, a large one, you might also consider doing labor activities. I have found that group activities such as car washes, house painting, lawn mowing and even refrigerator cleaning are chores that many people would gladly pay for. You can print up business cards for free online which state your organization, individual people's names, your charitable organization status, and contact numbers. If you are a charitable organization, then you will want to be ready to offer receipts for all payments and donations so that the people can claim it on their taxes. Once some people learn it's tax deductible, they tend to give a little bit more. Then consider getting your food handlers permits and selling food items outside of big events in your local town. You have to make sure you have the right permits. Little things add up when it comes to fund raising. Also, see a need in your community and fill it. Are the lawns ugly and dried out? Create a small booklet with science information about xeriscape gardening and how conserving water adds up in their pocket book. Sell em for $1-2 depending on how well you kept costs of printing down. Think small and win big.

Jeanette Said:

What are some interesting global issues?

We Answered:

Illicit drugs and arms trade, human trafficking, hunger, poverty (gender discrimination amongst poor vs rich) , education.

A global issue is a problem being met worldwide. Of course it applies to America as well. Education in Ghana is just a specific example of a global issue. Same with women's rights in Pakistan. So yes, they are still considered as global issues. Like i said before, they are just specifying.

Globalization is a very feasible topic that has an overwhelming amount of things to talk about. The increase in drug and arms trade and human trafficking is correlated to the intensification of globalization (since globalization is the integration of culture, economies, societies, through opening borders)

The UN millennium development goals outline the major global issues being faced. And also..check out the book "The secret history of the american empire" by John Perkins. It addresses the adverse effects of globalization on different social groups in different continents.


Discuss It!

michael said:

Please l am a needy student l completed my Senior High School in 2013 is there any scholarship that l can apply?

michael said:

Please l am a needy student l completed my Senior High School 2013 with Business as my course of study.l had admission last year into Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology-Ghana to a Bachelor degree in Business Administration but was unable to pursue.Is there any available scholarship or grant scheme that I can apply?