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Ashworth High School

Shawn Said:

I just enrolled Ashworth high school college prep. Does anyone have answers to their courses?

We Answered:

You should lose your job if you're going to cheat. They should replace you with somebody who has honestly studied and worked hard to be where their at.

Melvin Said:

Can someone tell me about Ashworth High School?

We Answered:

I wouldn't take a website's assurance for "quality" anything. How about searching for "reviews Ashworth High School"? For answers to how it works or costs, go to their site. Beyond that, the only way to know whether curriculum is any good is to ask people who've tried it.

Every ad (that's what every curriculum's home page is) assures you their curriculum is first rate, but what that means never means anything. You'd have to have a few hours to read from their materials to know whether they were any good. After all, it could be a History of America text written by Ward Churchill and published by the Weather Underground and you wouldn't know it till it arrived at your home.

Because you're asking, I can recommend these curricula--
A Beka
Alpha Omega Lifepac
Scholars Online

The first two are fully contained and workbook based, geared for most students.

Scholars Online is probably the best school in the country, online or otherwise. It's for students who want to become scholars and take learning seriously. The classes are taught with Oxford Seminar type meetings online.

p.s. As for the wise guy who thinks public school is the cat's pyjamas, maybe he should know that the average public school student places in the fiftieth percentile, while the average homeschooled kid places in the seventieth percentile. Phththtbbbt.

Tracey Said:

Is Ashworth high school-college accredited nationally n regionally by Southern Association of Colleges & Schoo?

We Answered:

Ashworth is a diploma mill that sucks up your money and gives you a phony diploma. I worked with a girl at a retail shop who thought she would be able to get an education there and she ended up with a degree that no one took seriously. Now she is going to the local community college and getting her associates degree in stenography. She was greatly upset that she wasted her money and time by going to Ashworth. I don't think that it is accredited, but I would guess that it is not. I hope this helps good luck!

Allan Said:

Which online homeschool program is better Ashworth College or Penn Foster High School?

We Answered:

Most colleges and employers don't recognize online high school diplomas. The best thing to do is take your state GED exam to obtain your High School Diploma. Go to your state board of education to look up the requirements. Trust me it's much cheaper then online scams less then a $100 to take the exam. The big plus is that it's nationally recognized by Colleges.

Ross Said:

Who took English1 at ashworth high school and can help me with the answers?

We Answered:

You are doing it now so read the book, answer the questions and then you can help someone who asks. Maybe you will give them the same advice - it will help them more than giving them the answers.

Kevin Said:

Is Ashworth High School Diploma Program a scam? Please provide proof if it is or not.?

We Answered:

Watch this BBB(better business Bureau) video warning on diploma mills. If your school fits any criteria they mentioned, it is a scam. Also make sure it is accredited with US department of education. If it is not, your diploma can be not accepted by majority of employers.

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