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Backpacks For High School Girls

Bernard Said:

Are Dickies backpacks cool for high school girls?

We Answered:

Yeah I had one my sophomore year.
They are sturdy and very durable.

Mildred Said:

Hey! Where can I find some cute backpacks for high school girls?

We Answered:

i prefer tote bags instead of backpacks...they are easier to carry and less bulky

i actually use a big purse from Ruehl to carry my books...

look in american eagle, hollister and abercrombie

Lonnie Said:

What should I use for high school, a backpack or a roxy book tote? what's the best idea?

We Answered:

im a junior in high school and last year i tried carrying a tote and by the third day i switched back to my backpack..totes can't carry as much you can't be as organized and they tend to hurt your shoulder because all the weight is focused on the shoulder...backpacks are more durable and jansport makes a lot of really nice ones:…

Agnes Said:

Cute rolling girls backpacks for High School??? Don't want to ruin my back!!! PLEASE HELP!!?

We Answered:

If you're going to high school, there's no such thing as a non-embarrassing rolling backpack. Save that for kindergarten, sweetheart.

Dorothy Said:

high school girls what backpack should i get for school?

We Answered:

When I was in High School, North Face backpacks were really popular. It was an all girls school. I think they probably make them in cute colors now.
Dickies has realllly cute girlie backpacks with patterns and even Jansport has started to do he same.
The last two are affordable, North Face backpacks are AT LEAST $60.

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