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Career Surveys For High School Students

Albert Said:

If you are 65 years or older, what differences did you experience in your schooling careers than students now?

We Answered:

My husband "Mr. Pioneer" is 68 and attended school in Kentucky. I will describe his elementary school days not unlike the Waltons or Little House
1. The school was one room made of concrete blocks and concrete floor heated with "potbellied" coal buring stove. The window were very tall. There was no inside plumbing: water drawn from the well and two outhouses.
2. Yes
3. 18
4. 1945 at age 6
5. KY
6. The desks were in rows. About 30-40 students grades one through eight were in the same room with one teacher.
7. Subjects were reading, spelling, arithmetic, some history and science.
8.Someone was paid 10 cents in the winter to start a fire in the stove. The day began by reciting the pledge, a bible verse and song. There was a morning and afternoon recess and lunch break. The teacher would make an assignment to one level and move on to the next while older students helped the younger ones.
9. The teacher was strict and very religious.
10. No fighting. No dress code. In fact, some children did not have shoes to wear in the summer time. Traditionally the girls wore dresses and the boys overhauls or jeans.
11. I guess by now you can imagine there was no chewing gum available.
12. No clubs were available for elementary school and athletics consisted of softball teams for boys and girls. At recess students would run and play games.
13. The teacher would use a willow or hickory switch. Sometimes she would make you stand with your nose in a circle on the board or write sentences on the board for punishment.
14. A lot of drill and memory work, oral reading (round-robin)
15. Did not really have a favorite subject as they all seemed equally important.

Ana Said:

Survey for students interested in the medical field (medical students, pre-med, even high school)?

We Answered:

1-m. 19
3-17. after speaking to successful therapist
5-utilizing my personal attributes.
love of MENTAL health
work conditions
Job outlook
6-must have atleast a masters if you consider yourself a professional
7-4 to 6 max
8-undergrad fau. hopefully emery or um
9-i only took the sat 1780

Angela Said:

Survey for students in or interested in medical school (pre-med, high school, anybody really interested)?

We Answered:

1) female, 22
2) To help people
3) High school
4) Yes, oncology
5) My mom had cancer, so I want to help others in the same situation.
6) I think that it is good, because you have to learn a lot in order to be in the medical profession. Since medics diagnose people, it is best so that you know what is causing the problem and what is happening to the people.

Edgar Said:

Please Answers this surveys about university choices!! Thank you it would mean a lot?

We Answered:

1a. Male
2e. 25 and over
3d. University graduate
4b. Somewhat high
5c. I have already attended university
6. Not Applic - ie. parents with 3 kids, 1 already is college graduate and has good successful career. FYI we paid for his college education about $10,000 annually with residence
7. Disagree - High costs should not discourage or be reason not to attend bec at minimum I would encourage you to work part-time and attend college at night or better yet, flexible schedule employer
8. Yes we worry about high costs of college but bec we are college graduates and know the long-term value of college degree in right major, only when our last 2 children graduate from college will we know that they will be in good hands in terms of supporting a family
9e. We don't have worries about college other than making sure our children are balanced and have good friends as well as makng their education a priority that is not affected by peer pressure.

Hope the Above Info Helps Your Survey!

I might add that for a female, in discussions with parents of our daughter's friends we emphasize the importance why a female should worry less about boy-girl relationships and look for friends who are more focused on BALANCE and earning college degree bec no one knows if you will select right spouse and eventually have kids, but should something go wrong in decision making then without college degree and work experience, say a Stay At Home Mom or one with only HS diploma it significantly reduces her chances to start over and learn from her mistakes if the door to opportunities is closed due to lack of a college degree in the appropriate major...

Vera Said:

Did anyone in high school receive a "language" survey?

We Answered:

First, the DoD is headquartered at the Pentagon, which is in Arlington, not Alexandria.

Second, whoever it's from, they're just collecting information. If you don't want to fill it out, don't fill it out. Have your parents submit a letter exempting you from surveys. Geez. Paranoid much?

Just wait until you're a senior and you have the option of taking the ASVAB. If you do well, recruiters might actually give you a call and offer you a top rate fully paid for college education. *gasp* The horror.

Barry Said:

Do high school students understand the skills they need for finding employment?

We Answered:

No, most of them have no clue. I am the last cog in the interview process at my business. We will receive resumes that look great, call in the prospect, and they will show up with 22 earrings, elephant sized pants, sweats, 15 inch skirts, low cut blouses, and baseball caps. When asked to fill out an application, most will misspell the words that are even legible. Apparently, someone is helping them with those resumes. They don't even know how to say the word yes...instead I get yeah or huh? It's just so sad and I don't blame the's that somewhere along the way, the educational process didn't include real life scenarios. Ours is a service business, we don't require college degrees from our employees, but we do require some common sense and at least some effort at self respect. I'm afraid that we see very little of either. Someone out there is not doing their job. We can't take on life training at this level, I am looking for workers not proteges.

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