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Debate Topics For High School Students

Bobby Said:

I want to know some debating topics for High School Students?

We Answered:

Select the below link. it has a list of clickable topics, that break it down into its basic parts. Lots of debate topics to chose from. Enjoy!

Victoria Said:

The US ought to submit to the jurisdiction of an international court made to prosecute crimes against humanity?

We Answered:

Unless I'm mistaken, as a member of the United Nations, The US is already subject to the International Court of Justice.

Bruce Said:

Please help: school debate on ways to make a high school better?

We Answered:


Students must feel safe before they can learn. This includes campus security, as well as
safeguarding students from bullying, etc

... also, students should be given more input into the running of the school, and should be reviewing teacher performence.

... proper behavior should be rewarded, which seems to happen less and less in high schools, as administrators turn all their energy to dealing with a small percentage of chronic screwups.

Ivan Said:

What is the quality of your high school's newspaper?

We Answered:

i think the students that write in my school newspaper are free to write pretty much whatever they want. A lot of the ideas expressed in the newspaper are pretty liberal and that's seems to the opposite of most of the students in our school so it kind of bothers me but my community strongly believes that everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Peter Said:

please help: school debate on ways to make a high school better?

We Answered:

There are numerous ways to make a school better, and the most effective solutions may differ from among individual schools because of unique characteristics. Here are two of my ideas that you can further research and explore:

1) Training for teachers. I generally chose classes based on the teachers. I look for someone who explains the content well and give a reasonable amount of work. If the teacher is good at communicating concepts and explaining difficult material, it makes my life as a student so much easier. Less time is spent reading the textbook and researching online to learn the material. Homework should be meaningful and enhance my comprehension. In some instances, repetition is extremely valuable, but the work from any one class shouldn't regularly take many hours to complete. I have other things to do, including extracurricular activities that help with my development and growth as a person. This strategy of choosing classes based on teachers has worked very well for me in high school and now college. It has helped me learn a lot with fairly high efficiency. Fortunately, some teachers understand and apply with these ideas, though I wish more would do so. Public speaking training for teachers and feedback from students for teachers may be valuable in improving schools.

2) Healthier food offered in the cafeteria. The benefits of good nutrition is widely studied. Personally, I experienced a tremendous difference after I stopped eating the cafeteria food at my high school and starting eating other healthier meals. I felt better, looked better, had more energy, and was able to concentrate better. From what I've seen at high schools, read from various sources, and seen on TV, the food at many schools in US is similar to the food offered at the high school where I attended. My experience doesn't speak for everyone, but I think there's a good chance that if schools improved the cafeteria food, students' performance and behaviors will be enhanced.

Chester Said:

How can I survive high school?

We Answered:

Dont't take all these comments to heart. Why dont u join a sports team or a society where u know u will excel - once u do that, excel I mean, all these guys will sit up and take notice.

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