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Education Games For High School Students

Amanda Said:

How can I promote Business Education in my high school?

We Answered:

How about starting a school newspaper to update readers on what your business society does, each week. And maybe put in there if any special events are happening. FBLA has a lot of connections with local entrepreneurs. You could try asking these entrepreneurs to come speak to your business club, or even school.

Heidi Said:

If you're in high school or junior high, could you please do this quick survey? :)?

We Answered:

1. I enjoy when teachers use PowerPoint in the classroom. It is more organized, and I love making them for my own presentations. They help me organize my thoughts, they are easier to do than papers, I can be creative but it isn't complicated like filming and editing a video could be.

2. At school, I only do school work, e.g. research online, word processing, making PowerPoints, etc. At home, I do that stuff plus looking at the news and weather, checking emails, Facebook, and playing games.

3. Cell phone daily
Digital camera once a month or less
Computer- daily
Printer 3+ times a week.

4. I am on facebook and am also involved in an online community for a online first person shooter game that I play.

5. I am 18, and a senior. Hope this helps!

Paul Said:

Why is high school, students, educators, and just the system in general so STUPID?

We Answered:

Even though you sort of "nagged" profusely, I understood perfectly. This is very relevant to my life.

Kids these days are incredibly ignorant. I am a Freshman, and I think more than half of my class is partly bran damaged because the only thing they think is worth saying is something along the lines of "Oh mehhh gawwwd, Taylor Lautner has an 8 pack!", "Haaaa, epic fail!", "Dude math homework is totally killing tonigggght. FML!"
They are so cliche it makes me sick. I HATE cliche. Hate it. I think on the inside however these teenagers are bright and have the potential to make good grades, but they are so caught up in their social life. Highschool these days is such a paradox. Highschool focuses on social groups and popularity, not on celebrating education...

But you and I both know that when we're out of highschool, all the rules change. What matters is power, financial power. It takes brains to attain that.

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