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Educational Games For High School Students

Jeffrey Said:

Are there educational games for the Nintendo DS?

We Answered:


Brain Age, Big Brain Academy, plus a ton of language games (Japanese, French, Spanish, etc).
Plus there's a ton of spin offs of Brain Age type games, all of them to test your mind.

Look up a few of those and run the websites by them, I think you'll have him convinced.

Roger Said:

What are some unique ideas/mind games that I can use to fill time substitute teaching K-12th grade?

We Answered:

I have some classes learning how to do Sudoku puzzles, some I have working together to write a short story. Still, other classes I have working as teachers and they have to be able to teach other students something. It might be how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or how to wash a dog, but something they can actually teach. I have them write an outline, then the lesson plan, and finally give a demonstration. Most students enjoy showing off at the blackboard. Involve that and you have their attention.
Hope this helps

Zachary Said:

how can i make an entertaining educational game using the periodic table?

We Answered:

Make a bingo game out of it...

You can use the names of the elements for clues (iron), and the symbols on the board (Fe) is what they have to cover...

Pick the easier ones to remember..and you've got a winner...

Mattie Said:

Any suggestions for some fun games to play with a high school class?

We Answered:

Have everyone write on a piece of paper something that describes them, then ball it up and wait until everyong is finished. When all are done, everyone throws their paper toward the middle of the room. All students pick up one paper and take turns reading and figuring out who wrote it?

Phyllis Said:

Where can I find these?

We Answered:

Try looking it up on yahoo or wikipedia.

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