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Foreign Exchange Programs For High School Students

Katie Said:

Are there any scholarships for high school foreign exchange students?

We Answered:

Hi, there are definitely many scholarships! The most reliable three exchange companies are YFU, AFS, and Rotary. Below are there websites:
I know for a fact that YFU and AFS have scholarships but I could not find them on the Rotary website. You will probably have to look in to that.……
As for not getting the scholarship, Rotary would be the next best option being its the cheapest and the hardest to get in to. But if you are a good student I think you would definitely have a chance. Finally, I would like to say good luck! I have never been on a foreign exchange but am looking in to spending a year in Argentina or Spain.

Delores Said:

The best foreign exchange program for high school students?

We Answered:

Rotary for sure.
Try looking up your local Rotary district.
Like for instance if you lived in Los Angeles California type in Google "Los Angeles, California Rotary". Or something along the lines of that.

If you any other questions about exchange programs feel free to email me.

Yolanda Said:

foreign exchange programs for high school students.?

We Answered:

I can answer this one!! My personal favourite is Rotary Youth exchange but they don't offer England :(


YFU- Youth for Understanding

AFS- AFS Intercultural Program(formally American Field Service)

CIEE- Council on International Education Exchange

Prices: Rotary- about $5,000
YFU- about $8,00 to $10,000 dollars
AFS- about $8,000
CIEE- about $30,000

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