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Derrick Said:

English gcse coursework?

We Answered:

your question would be....

Margie Said:

When do you think I should apply to Bard College at Simon's Rock? ?

We Answered:

Simon's Rock allows you to enter after either your Sophomore or Junior year of high school, so there's no reason not to apply as early as possible and then, if you're not admitted the first time, try again the next year.

If your test scores are decent (and yes, you should submit them) then your math grade will probably be seen as a fluke. Remember, Simon's Rock is a good school, but it's not Harvard; they're not looking for perfect students. They're looking for bright students with potential and the maturity to start college early. You can demonstrate those traits in your essays, and I would also encourage you to arrange an interview so they can see first-hand what kind of person you are.

You also asked if applying early will help. Some colleges have Early Action or Early Decision procedures and some don't. Just call the Simon's Rock Admissions Office and ask them. The number is 800-235-7186.

Rene Said:

Teachers: What makes your job so hard?

We Answered:

I can feel your dismay, but being out of high school for a while, and have taken college courses. I can fully understand why the teachers have been doing what they have been doing in your case.

You may not think that it is fair, or that they don't think about what you're doing outside of school, but they look at this in two different ways. One way is they are trying to prepare you for studies at college and/or university, and another thing is they are trying to prepare you for a real career job when you leave high school, and have finished your training in school.

I will touch more on the higher level education. Depending on which course that you take will depend on how much homework that you get, but most teachers at college say for instance that when you have a 1- two hour class it is approximately 3 hours of homework that you need to do per week or per day depending on an exam that comes up. If you have a 2 classes a week situation, you're spending like 6 hours a week on that course alone. What complicates things even more, is if you're taking a science course with a lab. If you're taking Biology for example, you will have a 2 hour class, which would consist of approximately 3 hours of homework from just studying from that class, plus the lab which could consist of anywhere from 5-10 hours of lab study a week. If you are going to school full time i.e.: 9 or 12 credits etc., you will have anywhere between 12-15 hours of homework, excluding labs etc.

Another angle of why they want you to get into this theme is when you get into the work force, you may have several of things that you will have to do such as writing several of letters, filing, answering the phones, doing a presentation through power point, scheduling prospective clients etc., and then you will have projects on top of that when you're working. And honestly, work won't really care if you have something planned outside of work.

Another point is the fact that you're taking "honors' courses. They put alot more pressure on you to do a lot more work at this level, since it is an accelerated rate course, so you're doing twice as much work as the regular classes.

I hope that this explains it to you. Don't worry when I was at your age, I had the same feeling, except I am glad that the instructors formed my mind differently.

Good luck.

Jennifer Said:

Hello, any advice on which colleges I should apply to?

We Answered:

Lots of bright kids like you get a rude awakening in a competitive university when they find out they can't coast like they did in High School. This is especially true in Engineering.

My guess is the elite schools are out of reach, but you may still get into some very good schools based on your high SAT score.

Top on your list of Engineering Schools should be Rose-Hulman. They're a little bit flexible on High School GPA, but it's still one of the top pure Engineering schools in the nation. Consider also:

University of Rochester
Santa Clara University

If you're a rising Junior and you don't do as well as you think you think you deserve due to your enormous intellect, then drop down a bit to the following safety schools:

Michigan Tech
San Jose State
Oregon Institute of Technology
Milwaukee School of Engineering

Chances are pretty good you will fail Engineering. You may therefore deliberately attend a school which offers Engineering Technology as well as Engineering, so you can drop down smoothly without dropping out altogether.

Esther Said:

Law Degree and working full time?

We Answered:

Most law school do not recommend working while you are attending law school, the course load is very high. Also, law schools admit students in cohorts, this way you will be with the same people in the same classes and it will help you after law school because these people will be your colleagues and you will see them in court, in depositions, etc. Some law schools have first year programs for single parents or people who want/need to work while in school and most are fine with you working after the first year. First year law school is very tough, if you make it through, then second year is a little easier and the third year you essentially specialize (and usually do an internship). I am sure it is possible, but you might consider teaching part time while you go to law school. I am not sure if you do law school part time but probably five classes a semester is considered full time and it takes three years. I think doing summer classes is feasible but you will need to check with the school to see if it even offers summer classes.

Good luck to you and you are very ambitious!! Good for you!!

Wesley Said:

Do teachers have it easy?

We Answered:

Given your statements, I have my doubts you actually teach...
I actually think its just an excuse to spout views you have of teachers you know nothing about.
I'm a teacher
I spend 12 hours a day in the classroom easily, planning, teaching, taking care of kids who are out of control, decorating the classroom, setting up courses, setting up lesson materials, pre-reading all materials to pick what I'm going to use because there isn't time to teach it all, or make sure nothing is in a book that will get me in trouble because they aren't adults...
AND THEN I get to work the 40 hours at home

and I don't get summers off either, most schools have gone year round
and the time you don't spend in the classroom is spent doing training seminars or preps

and 45K? First year I made 28k, and that's in vegas, with a master's it goes up to 36k, and it doesn't scale as well as you claim by far....

Believe me, there's NOTHING easy about being a teacher
oh plus, a college teacher doesn't have to worry about crazed parents constantly in the classroom going nuts either, teachers should get a bonus for that too....

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