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Games For High School Students

Sally Said:

What are some active warm-up PE games for high school students?

We Answered:

I loved and still love... pin soccer.
Don't know if you've tried it before but you basically set up 3 pins in the basketball arc (preferably in the paint) two goalies in each who arent allowed to come out of this zone and the rest of the class divided into two playing soccer with the purpose of knocking the pins down.

But of course, dodgeball will forever rule. Soccer baseball and capture the flag are also good ones that are easy to set up.
Hope this helps.

Felicia Said:

where can i find some interesting minor games for my high school students?

We Answered:

I have some game.
This more kinda ball games

The title is NUMBER Game

Easy, i play it first time in 4 grd

make 2 line
Line A and Line B
Then counts the person.
In each line/team, player with same number must not to different postur/body

It means same gender, and not too different in weight and height..

How to play?
Put 1-5 ball on middle of two line..

Say the number.. example 3, 7, 12
So player with these number of each team must run and take the ball. Whose team got more ball get more points.

You can make variation about kinda ball, total ball and total players..

Good Luck!!

Gordon Said:

What are some good math activities or games for homeschooled high school students?

We Answered:

Can you possibly arrange a field trip to the post office? They use tons of math trying to figure the bulk weight of packages and the size of boxes to use for packages.

Also, why not try doing an investment research project where they have pretend shares in a real company and have to track it weekly in the newspaper or online and decide when to sell or keep their shares.

Perhaps take them to a park or something and have them use measuring tape to survey the land.

There are a lot of fun things to be done in math. You just have to think about who would be applying it and either arrange a field trip to watch it in use or come up with pretend activities that are similar to the real thing.


Hope this helps.

Also, I am not sure what the name of the program is but when I was a freshman in college we had this awesome software that allowed you to take trigonometry and calculus equations and make music out of them.

Terry Said:

What are funny games suitable for high school students that could be organized by the student council?

We Answered:

Treasure or scavenger hunts. Can be thematic, individual or team, variety of venues.

Carl Said:

Need games for High School students URGENT?

We Answered:

Head Up 7 Up.. hahaha

Ashley Said:

What are some GREAT team building games for high school students? NOTHING CHEEZY..?

We Answered:

Do a scavenger hunt with teams.

Give them a situation and they have to make up a skit, the funnier the subject matter, the more creative they will be.

Create a "building" kit with things like paper clips, papertowels, popsicle sticks, string and ask them to design a bridge, building, costume, etc.. I've done the bridge and we judged them on creativity and strength. We used small stones and kept adding them to the bridge till it collapsed to determine its strength.

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