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Games High School Students

Mark Said:

What are popular games and hobbies for High School students in Australia? Please explain!?

We Answered:

hockey, cricket, football, swimming plus in australia they have the nice hot weather for all these sports unlike the uk

Maxine Said:

Fun activity/game to teach adjectives to high school students?

We Answered:

I love the question. I'm also an ESL teacher. We created a games database for just this quandary. You can organize the games by age-level. It's all free and please sign-up for free and add a few games. We have about 150 games right now, but want more games.

Claude Said:

Are computer games a waste of time for high school students?

We Answered:

Yeah its a waste of time but i play more games during vacation than the time meant for studying.
Nothings really wrong bout playing computer games
its how long you spend playing games, dont gaze atit all day long.

GTA San Andreas is a real cool game for PC

Glenn Said:

Good tournament game for high school students?

We Answered:

If you have a Wii or can get ahold of one. Have a Wii Sports tourney. Trust me it will be a blast for all the students involved as well as you. Plus It is cheap, as long as you or someone you know has a wii and is willing to let you use it.

Jay Said:

What are some fun games I could play with high school students?

We Answered:

The key is to give the winner a prize, eg. Packet of sweets (candy) or a extra large bar of chocolate.

Usually non-gambling poker if they no how. An idea is that you could give them all 20 sweets (candy) and then they can bet with that, then at the end of all the games, they can eat the sweets they have won/kept.

"Connections" is also a good game. You start off with saying anything (eg. yellow, cheese, television). Then the next person has to say something connected with it. Eg. Yellow-Sand-Beach-Sea-Fish-Shark-Teeth-D… and so on and so on. Then when someone can't think of something or thinks of something not connected they are out. Then the winner gets a prize.

The next game is called: eleven and out. This can be played Boys VS Girls or "Every Man for Himself". The key is that you need about 15 or more people to play. You also need to explain the game well. You start off with the first person (people can stand in a line if it makes it easier). They can say 1, 1-2, or 1-2-3. (Lets just say they say 1-2-3) **They have to think logically to try and get their opponent out or avoid getting theirselves put out.** The next person has to say the next number, the next two numbers or the next three numbers. (Let's just say the person says 4-5) The next person says 6-7-8. The next person says 9. The next person says 10. Then the person who has to say eleven is out! Keep going until you have 2 people, then they are the winners who win the prize!!

I really hope this helps, tell me how it goes!

Nathan Said:

Does the first amendment protect high school students? and if so can they cheer what ever they want at games?

We Answered:

No, you have to do what your Teacher says.
But I am glad you are taking intrest in your Constitution.

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