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Get High School Diploma Online

Joy Said:

What's the difference between a high-school diploma online and a GED?

We Answered:

Anything that claims to give you a degree in a week is probably a scam. You need to check into the accreditation if you want to enroll in a school
A high school diploma is a degree that you get from an academic institution. This could be in person or online, but its still a school. A GED is something you get by studying and taking a test. The test basically proves you know everything you would have learned in high school. I would thing it would be cheaper to get a GED because you don't have to pay tuition. Though sometimes people do take classes to help them study for the GED test. You can get a GED as quickly as you are able to learn the material. A diploma should take longer because its basically going to school. You have to take classes, whether they are online or in person. Some online programs might be accelerated but you still have to basically take all the classes that are required for high school.

Albert Said:

were a good place I can get my High School Diploma online?

We Answered:

i suggest you physically attend school

Penny Said:

What's the best way to get a high school diploma online?

We Answered:

I've heard good things about this program:

Their website is well done and informative and it gives success rates and the rates of college acceptances (and which schools accepted the students). It's an accredited school. You will be able to choose options within your state as well.

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