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High School Diploma Test

Robert Said:

SAT TEST - do you need a high school diploma to take it ?

We Answered:

You probably can take it without a diploma./

Clyde Said:

Mail ordered High School diploma tests what do they actually do for u??

We Answered:

I've never actually experienced one of these but I'm very wary. Even a single night or summer school class at the high school I teach at costs several hundred dollars. So my thought is: how real is this diploma?

More importantly, substitute diplomas like the GED are no longer being accepted as readily as actual diplomas. The U.S. Military for example has started to require High School graduates. My recommendation would be to look for a college that will earn your friends their GED while they take other college classes as well. These are mostly local schools, but your local community college would have more info.

Also, if you look at High School/College Hybrids is means your money can be saved for worthwhile things like kegstand practice and Chinese food at 3AM.

Clinton Said:

Is the GED test harder than the High school diploma test?

We Answered:

A teacher once told me that the GED is actually harder than the diploma test, I don't know why though. I'm guessing because the GED students have allot to learn, I'm not sure though. Good luck and take care =)

Ronnie Said:

Is their a GED/high school diploma test you can take online? That is a accredited school.?

We Answered:

All courses are completed online and without having to ever attend a traditional classroom.
"Our fully accredited curriculum is directed toward a student-centered individualized learning approach."
Receive your nationally recognized, accredited high school diploma and move ahead in life.


Clifford Said:

What is the test that you have to take if you don't have your high school diploma or ged?

We Answered:

Some community colleges have an 'ability to benefit' test you can take if you don't have a diploma or GED to make sure you're ready to work at the college level. It's about the same difficulty as the GED, which you should just get if you want to attend college.

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