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High School Drop Out

Martha Said:

Why do high school students drop out of school?

We Answered:

well im in 7th grade and ive been counting the years to drop out i cant wait there is no reason to go to school ur going to go to school then die when u grow up so y spend ur life at school whem u could enjoy life man i hate school im not at school half of the time i hate it but i have lots of friends thats not y its just teachers just tell u what to do and then leave u to do i dont think we should only be able to get good jobs if were smart i mean y do u have to be smart

James Said:

Are there any good jobs out there for high school drop outs?

We Answered:

Getting a job in general is hard. Not graduating will make it harder. By not graduating it shows that you are possibly not hireable. Why because people will think that you are stupid and lazy. Keep in mind that school is for you. Kids always forget this or do not fully grasp the concept. This is your chance to finish school. Later when you get tired of your meaningless 9 to 5 job and can not make enough money to do anything fun. You will wish to god that you had finished school or maybe even gone on to college. Maybe you are not happy. That is understandable. But keep in mind happiness is found within. And by not trying is almost a gaurantee for unhappiness.

Phillip Said:

How do you say high school drop out in Japanese?

We Answered:

????????????Ani wa koukou wo chuutai shimashita.
?????????Ani wa koukou chuutai desu.

???? (lit. "leave halfway") means "drop out of school".

By the way, as you may be already aware, we have totally different words for big and little brothers. If he is younger than you, then replace "? ani" (big brother) with "? otouto" (little brother).

Gloria Said:

Will you vote for a high school drop out for president?

We Answered:

I'm 15 and I'm right and your wrong. I find it absolutely ridicules that someone of your high stature in society would find the time in your busy IMPORTANT schedule to critique PRESIDENT McCain for finishing 5th to last from a prestigious institution of higher education. I bet you were ranked 1st at community college. Thats like being the smartest person with downsyndrome. I'm nothing special last year in 9th grade I had a 2.8. I don't think I'm better than you but unlike yourself I don't feel the need to critique people for having poor grades. I think a lot of the reason I didn't do good was because a few of my teachers knew I was smarter and a better talker/thinker than they were. Maybe McCain's teachers didn't like him and they didn't throw the extra credit here or there like they did for #1. And even if thats not the case, books can only take you so far and then there is life. You learn better through experience than a book can ever teach you. I didn't study for a test once. He got life experience as a POW. He has learned a lot as a politician. He knows how things are in the USA and the World. Don't judge a random stranger. You have know idea what he thinks. You however should think before you talk.

Glenn Said:

I am a high school drop out in Canada but would like to attend University. Where do I get started?

We Answered:

Call the university counselling office and make an appointment to talk to one. They have all the details on how to bring your high school classes up to date and go to college at the same time. Approach the counselling session as one dressed for a job interview. Good luck!

Maurice Said:

Should people who drop out of high school be excluded from most welfare programs?

We Answered:

they should be required to get a ged at least to qualify

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