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High School English Lesson Plans

Carolyn Said:

What was the best assignment you ever had to complete in a high school English class?

We Answered:

When I was a senior, we read Frakenstein (I know it's not too diffacult a bookfor seniors) and held a mock trial, with Dr. Frankenstein as the defendant, and the "Monster" as the plantiff. Every part of a real trial was covered, including council, jury, evidence, and the like. It was a good way to make sure readers paid close attention, since witnesses were other characters from the book. Of course, the outcome of the trial does not really matter, but the whole class can get involved in it and have a lot of fun in the process. I think you'd even enjoy it too!

Gabriel Said:

Have any high school teachers (language arts/english) taught The Iliad? If so, what were your lesson plans?

We Answered:

Well I'm not highschool teacher, I'm a sophmore in highschool, but I just got finished studying for my Illiad test. We were assigned to read the most important books (chapters) in the Illiad, and we had to annotate and take notes in the book on each chapter. For each book/chapter we didn't read my teacher handed out a summary of what happened. Also, watching the movie Troy really helped me to understand the book and it's also a really great movie, watching it in class might not be so great though....

I know that I'm not a teacher, but I really like the Illiad and the way my teacher made us annotate really helped me to remember and understand the book more.

I hope I helped =]

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