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High School Games

Daniel Said:

What are the poles behind the field goal posts at high school football games?

We Answered:

Cameras. All games are taped and they use these poles called skycams that give a view of the players.

Stephanie Said:

Do you like going to high-school games? I find I enjoy myself more than pro sporting events and it's cheap!?

We Answered:

Well, having two kids in high school, that's pretty much all I watch these days. But yeah, there's just something about high school sports that's really exciting. You're close to the field/court; you know all (or at least some) of the players; the crowd is filled with supportive family and friends; and you've got the whole school spirit thing going on. Plus it's fun to watch the emerging talent and wonder who might go on to play in college or even the pros. So yeah, I agree... high school sports are fun to watch!

Willard Said:

Why are there no high school football games on september 4th?

We Answered:

Maybe they are wanting the 3 day weekend to be free for Labor Day. Or you are looking at the JV schedule

Lillie Said:

What kind of person were you like at high school games as a teenager?

We Answered:

I was a member of the band and proud of it. We had a great time at football games. At other sports events I was with friends.

Jim Said:

how can i transfer my street ball skills to my high school games?

We Answered:

Just play like you would if you were home. Go out and have fun every game.

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