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High School Ged

Joe Said:

Is a very high GED score as good as a high school diploma?

We Answered:

the GED is a diploma employers typically look at the college diploma

Tim Said:

How can i get a high school GED diploma that is recognised by California state by finishing a school online?

We Answered:

Why don't you call community colleges around your home and they will help you with it. I know couple of friends who did it from a community college.

Kathryn Said:

Should Permanent residents take the US high school GED test to further US education?

We Answered:

I would totally recommend you take the GED and then apply for various colleges...believe it or not..i have cousins who are 36 and 34 yrs old who recently immigrated to the US with schooling of only upto 9th grade they want to go to college so they are taking the GED....dont bother trying to get your studies in your home country recognized...waste of time and money...take a few night course (if you work during the day), sit and pass the GED exam...and you will be well on your to attending US colleges....good luck...

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