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High School Graduate Jobs

Clayton Said:

What kind of Jobs can a High School Graduate get?

We Answered: - I found such internship info here. It has lots of internships, job openings and scolarships for college students.

Hilda Said:

SUMMER JOBS for a high school graduate attending college in the fall?

We Answered:

do construction, if your physically able. there always busy in the summer and love labourers that can work their busy season. lots of experience and it looks great on a resume, look for something in general contracting

Becky Said:

Good Paying Jobs For High School Graduate?

We Answered:

Try to get in with a company that is in your area of interest. My advice for anyone is to major in a specific field. I.E. Accounting, Engineering, etc. You can work in management with any degree. If you get your degree in something specific you can work in both your specific field and in management for any company. Most people I know who have good jobs worked for the specific company while they were going to college.

Phillip Said:

What are some good paying jobs for a high school graduate?

We Answered:

If you can get a city job do it. You'll never be rich, but they take care of their own.

I would look into getting a job in the mail room of a big corporation. You can work your way up. There are people working in the company I work for, who have no college education, making over $100,000. You have to start on the bottom rung, but it's doable.

Harry Said:

where is the best place to live in spain?where there are good paying jobs for high school graduate or dropout?

We Answered:

I lived in Zaragoza during my elementary years. For your purpose I would stay in the larger cities, where there is more opportunity, Madrid or Barcelona.

Amy Said:

What are some jobs a high school graduate qualify for??

We Answered:

Jobs in the trades might be available (i.e. carpentry, electrician, plumping...). I have hired a number of people right out of high school to handle clerical work. You can also look for such jobs at places like Koch or one of the aircraft manufactures who have facilities in Wichita (i.e. Beech, Lear, and Cessna).

Misty Said:

Work at home jobs for high school graduate?

We Answered:

A Secret Shopper is a good idea. I know it's not at home, but it's very flexible to your schedule.

I'm super shy too! and I'm still in high school, so I understand why you'd want a job at home, besides it easy and fun.

All you have to do is go into a store buy something, observe the staff for any slackers, and describe your experience there. Oh, and sometimes you might be given a list of specific things or checklist to look for as you 'shop'.

For example, I used to work at Harkins theaters and secret shoppers were given a packet to write down the names of employees who served them (name, description, quality of the food, performance etc.) and how well their experience at the theater was with detailed comments.

Plus any purchases you buy you keep and get your money back while being payed at the same time.

The thing is if you give hints to the employees that you might be a secret shopper most of the time they will be sure to make you happy and do whatever they are required to do as employees.

Like a lot of times where I used to work they would read my name tag out loud, and if the company that hires you requires the employees to up-sell then you would buy a small/med drink and small/med popcorn.

And most secret shoppers shop on weekends. So this can probably be a good side job for you. Besides why not get payed for something you do for free.

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