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High School Lesson Plans

Amber Said:

where can i find high school lesson plans for civics and economics?

We Answered:

Try these...…

Bradley Said:

How much lesson planning do high school teachers do?

We Answered:

I aid for several of my teachers and i can tell you sometimes they make things up as they go. As for math teachers, the lesson plans they use are basicly teach what the textbook says.

Your girlfriend can't give you a proper understandin of lesson planning. Think about how different a high school aged kid is from a fifth grader. They learn differently, and they are less mature. So yeah, she needs to obsessivly prepare her lessons because she has more difficult children to work with.

As a high school math teacher, you will have a designated text book for each class. The units in each text book are generally designed to flow and build on what the students learned in the units prior. All you need to do is understand the subject yourself, find the most straightforward way to teach it, and prepare either a worksheet or a selection of problems for the students to learn out of the text book. Then leave time for the students to get started on the homework, if they don't understand something you can see to them and work with them for they're personal needs. The most complex thing you might need to do is prepare quizes and tests, and the things i've seen are:

-Selected answers from the homework to prove you did it
-A handful of similar problems to do
-XEROX out of the text book

-Selection of problems that the entire class or many students had problems with and throw it at them again
-A list of problems that werent in the homework selection but cover the same ideas
-A XEROX from the text book.

Math teachers have it easy. The lesson plan is the text book and the units within it. Teach one unit at a time, one section at a time, do a quiz or two, a day of review, and a test.

If that doesnt show you enough, my period 5 teachers aid is my old math teacher and he often has me write the lessons myself, and teach the freshmen for him while he runs around cleaning since i still know the material.

June Said:

High School Lesson plans on the Cuban Missile Crisis?

We Answered:

There are lots of good lesson plans on the internet. I googled " Lesson plans on Cuban Missile Crisis" and here are two results i thought would be interesting for highschoolers:……

Here is my favorite, it is more intense. It is for a five day lesson:…

Erika Said:

What's a good high school lesson plan/discussion involving the presidential election and the 2 candidates?

We Answered:

Why not tell everyone that they will be receiving a C. The A students will be donating or having their correct answers forcibly taken to give to those who chose not to study.

Then open the discusion to why you should change your mind and grade everyone on their answers and not a social agenda.

Darrell Said:

German Language High school level lesson plans!?!?!?

We Answered:

duct tape

Ethel Said:

Help creating a lesson plan for communications, high school level?

We Answered:… (about an ad campaign for an election)… (looks good)

these may get you started in the right direction

Lois Said:

Art Teachers - lesson plans for High School?

We Answered:

Information is below.

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