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High School Websites

Nancy Said:

Any good free high school math teaching websites out there?

We Answered:

Try Aleks math

You pay on a monthly basis (see free trial below) and you have access to all their classes!
It will fill in any gaps you have without having to spend time on things you already know.…
One month free trial

Best of Luck!

Delores Said:

What are some good High School Physics Problems websites?

We Answered:

this one saves my life! hope it helps.

Sheila Said:

Are the High School Diploma websites legit?

We Answered:

Some are. Each college and each state accepts only certain "accreditation" services.

The same applies to brick and mortar schools.

There is no warranty USC will accept a given Science, Poly Sci or Economics course taught in a Wisconsin high school.

The Wisconsin program SHOULD, however, meet ALL state university systems in Wisconsin for those courses! Otherwise there is something wrong with your school district!

Harvard, however, accepts all homeschoolers, even those not taught under "programs" so LONG as they pass the PLACEMENT EXAM.

That means up to Pre-Calculus in Math.

AND you have to place HIGH on those tests.

Taking the SAT and ACT can help or hurt

Elmer Said:

Where can I find websites about High School Exchange study abroad program for romanian students?

We Answered:

First, I'll start with some advice I would give you if you were an American student looking to go overseas. YFU, AFS, and Rotary are frequently called "the big 3" when it comes to exchanges - long histories and good reputations, although some other programs are making their way up the list. Please forgive my bias towards YFU - it's the one that I have direct experience with (I am a 5-time host mom and volunteer - one of our kids was from your neighbor (Hungary)). I am gaining indirect experience by corresponding with former students. When I have asked exchange students why they chose YFU, I get the following answers: (1) YFU gave them more bang for their buck (sorry, you'll probably have to look up that idiom) and/or (2) someone they knew and trusted recommended YFU. 95% of the fees collected by YFU go for direct program costs (airline tickets, support in hosting country, etc.). YFU has been around for 59 years and has learned how to make exchanges successful. Which ever program you choose, make sure they are listed with the Council for Standards on International Educational Travel ( They routinely audit programs for quality. Unfortunately, it may be too late if you want to come for this next school year (2010-2011). Application deadlines (especially if you want a scholarship) tend to be early in the year.
I would highly recommend YFU. YFU does have an office in Romania - website = . Romania is a country that many people here (including myself) don't know much about.
Good luck to you no matter what you choose!!

Veronica Said:

What are some good art websites aimed at high-school aged people?

We Answered:
Corbis provides Royalty-Free and Rights Managed stock images for editorial and commercial applications, including iconic, historical, archival, fine art and illustration, current events, and exclusive celebrity photography.
At the Ph.Art gallery you can: Purchase premium photographic wall art in a huge range of formats. Talk with fellow photographic artists from all over the world, through Ph.Art special interest groups, via your own P-Mail accessible in your studio, by leaving comments on people's work and of course receiving comments on yours.
MyFolio is an online community of artists and creatives. Upload your artwork, create your portfolio, and share it among family, friends and people with the same interests.

Ashley Said:

What are some good history websites for high school students?

We Answered:

sounds crazy but try the history channel .com

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