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Michigan Virtual High School

Eileen Said:

How can I improve to get into these colleges...?

We Answered:

Is your GPA weighted or unweighted? Your odds are better if 3.4 is your unweighted GPA and your weighted GPA is higher.

Also, you should have a few of your state's universities on that list. Your odds are better at your own state university than they are at another state's university.

Honestly, Foreign Language Club, Multicultural Club, Science Club, and SADD aren't that likely to increase your odds at college. They seem like mostly things your show up to and put on your resume (unless there is some kind of science fair you could win or some chance at taking a leadership role in another club).

I think bringing up your GPA is way more important than some filler clubs. But if you think adding more activities is important, look for something more substantial. You could volunteer at a local historical society or somewhere not related to your intended major ( lists loads of volunteer opportunities). Another idea is the Girl Scout Gold Award… which is pretty impressive to college application committees, but you'd have to find a local troop and see if you'd have time to complete a project before you graduate.

Ramona Said:

I'm going to be a senior in High school and am looking to apply to a list of colleges. Which do I have a shot?

We Answered:

Well I pretty much live right outside campus of UMASS Amherst, so I do already know a lot about it, and know that you have a good shot at getting in. In 2006, 17,930 people applied to the college, 14,593 were admitted, and 4,222 enrolled. 76% of the student body there had a GPA of 3.0 or higher in h.s, and it is stated that your h.s grades are most important. followed by test scores, recommendations, essay, and extra-curriculars.

Steven Said:

Where can I find free Virtual online school for 9th grade?

We Answered:

There are plenty of free virtual schools listed here:

Kirk Said:

HELP! Online Virtual Schooling, does anyone..............?

We Answered:

You can easily compare info about these schools in this site -

Rosa Said:

Where can I take an online photography class?

We Answered:

Wherever you have internet access.
Or do you actually mean what is a good course to take? If so try NYIP.

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