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Online High School Programs

Warren Said:

Are there any cheap online high school programs in Kentucky?

We Answered:

You could look into K12. It is free in some states, but not all. Here's a link you can check out for Kentucky to see what is available in your area.:…
But you should be aware that if you enroll in k12 you will still be attending public school, just doing it in your own home online. You will still be using the standard public school curriculum and under their jurisdiction.
Private online schools can be pretty expensive. Here's some places to check out: and

If you cannot afford the private online schools and want to break totally from the public school educational system, first check out the homeschooling laws in your state:…
An inexpensive alternative to online homeschooling is Switched on Schoolhouse, a computer based program. You purchase the curriculum, install the application disk on your computer and the set up wizard walks you thorough setting up your school calendar year and student homepage, installing the subject disks and assigning the subjects to the student. Once the subject are assigned, SOS will schedule the entire year for you. You log into your schoolwork each day, complete the daily assignments. SOS will grade about 90% of the work for you as you do it. Mom only has to grade essays, book reports, research papers and projects. And the teacher key will tell her what to look for in.
You can purchase a full year's curriculum for about $360 from Alpha Omega, the publisher:…
AG Distribution sells the same curriculum discounted to $316…
Best wishes as you make this important decision.

Terry Said:

Do online High School programs work?

We Answered:

I go to an internet based high school called

You can ask your school counselor about this program. It's for students who need to make up credits. And once you complete all the course work you do get your diploma from your regular high school.

Jennie Said:

online high school programs..?

We Answered:

1) that depends on what school exactly you are going to, but all of them will offer upper-level classes. Honors classes will help with your weighted GPA (not your normal GPA, but after taking difficulty into account, your weighted GPA can be more than 4.0) and some of them offer concurrent credit with a local college. AP and IB level classes are generally not offered in your sophomore year, but your school may have some for sophomores. In your Junior and Senior years, there will be AP or IB options open to you. They will also help your weighted GPA. At the end of an AP or IB class semester or year, there is an AP or IB test that you will have to take. Your high school grade is independent of the test, but if you pass the test, then you get credit for the class for any college that you go to, and generally the classes are harder in college - plus they're prerequisites to the upper level classes that you really want to take. It cuts down on the time that you have to spend in college.

2) the hours are not bad. You will have to get up early since classes generally start somewhere around 7:50 AM, and the classes generally end around 2:30 PM or so, so the hours aren't bad. Class distribution depends on the school, but it may be 4 classes per day at about an hour and a half each and 8 classes total alternating between days, or 7 classes per day at about 50 minutes each.

3) online . . . generally people will start the classes, but within 2 weeks will lose interest and quit, especially since there's no kind of motivation to keep them going. It's harder to stay interested, but you can go at a faster pace if you want. Difficulty is about the same.

4) online, I assume you're asking about. It can take a shorter time if you are willing to work faster, but chances are that you won't want to work faster and you'll never get done with it for the reasons I stated in #3.

5) Depends on the college. If it's a high level university, then yes. It looks pretty bad. If it's an open-enrollment college, then it doesn't matter as long as you have your diploma. After a year or so in college, then it won't matter very much what you did in high school.

6) Online programs are usually more expensive than attendance programs, mostly because they aren't helped by state or local government, and because they're more in the business of making money than they are in the business of building people's futures.

7) Good luck. I'm sure there are some out there, but most of them are scams. Especially the ones that say they're either faster or easier.

8) I took an online college class when I was in high school. The class itself was pretty crappy, I could already do more than what the class was teaching me, and I lost interest and didn't finish it. Right now I am in college, and I am taking mostly on-campus courses, but I have one class that is online (offered through the university) because it's not offered on campus right now and it's a prerequisite to upper division courses that I want. The way it works:

The teacher essentially designs the entire course.
If there are due dates attached, then he/she posts announcements on the website board, and doesn't grade assignments until they're due.
All the assignments and materials are already posted, as well as some basic material that you need in order to do the assignments.
There is probably a discussion board somewhere that you can talk to your fellow classmates to do troubleshooting.

Of course, my online class is a C++ programming class, and you can't learn to program just by taking a class - you have to sit down and write all the code yourself, which is what the assignments are: write a program that does [this], compile it, get it to work exactly right, then submit the program and the code.

Peggy Said:

What are the best online high school programs for homeschoolers?

We Answered:

Check out I think they have what you are looking for.

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