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Pinnacle Online High School

Lucy Said:

Whats the difference?

We Answered:

For most of the world and colleges, where you get your high school diploma is about equal to every where else as long as they are accredited high school for that state.

Where you should go? Personally, I view in class high school graduates better than online or GED students, it shows commitment and years of testing, rather than a few months and about 4 tests.

Sheila Said:

Funny monologue for teen girl?

We Answered:

This is a cute and funny one from a play called The Star Spangled Girl. It's supposed to be done in a southern bell accent.

Sophie: Mr.Cornell, Ah have tried to be neighborly, Ah have tried to be friendly and Ah have tried to be cordial...Ah don't know what it is that you're trying to be. That first night Ah was appreciative that you carried mah trunk up the stairs...The fact that it slipped and fell five flights and smashed to pieces was not your fault...Ah didn't even mind the personal message you painted on the stairs. Ah thought it was crazy, but sorta sweet. However, things have now gone too far...Ah cannot accept gifts from a man Ah hardly know...Especially canned goods. And Ah read your little note. Ah can guess the gist of it even though Ah don't speak Italian. This has got to stop, Mr. Cornell. Ah can do very well without you leavin' little chocolate-almond Hershey bars in mah mailbox-they melted yesterday, and now Ah got three gooey letters from home with nuts in 'em-and Ah can do without you sneakin' into mah apartment after Ah go to work and paintin' mah balcony without tellin' me about it. Ah stepped out there yesterday and mah slippers are still glued to the floor. And Ah can do without you tying big bottles of eau de cologne to mah cat's tail. The poor thing kept swishin' it yesterday and nearly beat herself to death...And most of all, Ah can certainly do without you watchin' me get on the bus every day through that high-powered telescope. You got me so nervous the other day, Ah got on the wrong bus. In short, Mr. Cornell. And Ah don't want to have to say this again, leave me ay-lone!!!!

Felicia Said:

High/low quality cat foods?

We Answered:

Finally someone asked the question!!! It has been driving me a bit bonky myself.. well... more than a bit.

What makes me even more bonkers, is when researching on the web for information about excellent cat nutrition, many of the sites to which I have visited recommend dry food as part daily feeding for cats. Some of them are obviously connected with the manufacturer's need to sell the product, but some that appear on first glance to have great information include dry food. I just don't get it.

I have to admit that at one time we did feed dry food to our cats, left out for their nibbling, in addtion to high quality moist food. We thought that it was the right thing to do, so if they wanted a snack while we were out working, they would have something on which to graze.

What brought me to my senses, was an excellent veterinarian in NY state, who, upon examining one of my cats with serious constipation issues, and a bit "chunky", asked me if I fed dry to my cats. She sat me down and explained carefully about how dry was not appropriate, and, in fact problemsome, and added that dry was made for human convenience, and not excellent nutrition. She explained about the non-existant water content, and since cats generally don't drink a lot of water, they need added fluid content in their food. We stopped feeding dry.

It was when I "met" Dr. Lisa Pierson, on the internet in a support group years ago, and read her fabulous information about optimum
feline nutrtion,I started understanding why dry and lower quality canned foods were actually not good for cats

Folks who vist websites such as this one that promote their own products ( commercial websites, of course) provide information that
mislead folks to sell their products. They may not think they are misleading, but they are, in fact, not what a cat needs.…

But this morning as I did some research to answer this question, I found five excellent links that point folks to excellent information about feline nutrition.………

Of course, advertising on TV, magazines, in pet stores and on many pet related websites, are so attractive to cat people, appearing to be magical recipes for optimum health. What drives me even more insane is now we have "indoor" cat food designed for the indoor cat. The ad is designed to have folks believe that their "indoor" cat has special needs and their product it the,pardon the expression, "the cat's meow".

Many responders here have given some really technical answers about high quality cat food, and I applaud them. I also applaud those of us that continue to recommend high quality moist food, raw diet ( done correctly- which can take considerable time to learn and prepare), and who continually talk about the dangers of grained cat food which contains by-products, and dry food's high carbohydrate content, and who also continually receive thumb's down for their excellent information.

I really do commend you on your answers, Darksong. They are full of excellent information and I am noticing more folks who are spreading the word about proper feline nutrition and care, and dispelling so many of the myths that lower quality food manufacturers spread.

To sum it up, feeding excellent nutrition to our cats may be a bit more pricey, and may be harder to find locally ( the internet has some wonderful shopping malls), but in the long run, fewer veterinary visits will be necessary to repair the damage that lower quality foods cause.


Owned by cats for over 40 years
Former Siamese and Oriental Shorthair breeder
Freelance writer/blogger for

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