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Private High Schools

Ruth Said:

What are the Nicknames for the St Louis Private High Schools?

We Answered:

St Mary's Fairies
St Lizzies Lessies
St Puis Puzz(the ZZs should be SS)ies

Terri Said:

What are the top ten best private high schools in the U.S?

We Answered:

There is no definitive list. It really depends on which school is the right fit for you. Like some of the lists I've seen judge by how many kids go to Ivy league colleges, but not how many are admitted (some turn down ivy league) or how many are legacies (family attended, which does make a difference, dh is a Harvard alumni). Some schools have great arts programs, some are only good for academics. It really depends on what you are looking for as to whether it's a top school.

It's like comparing apples and oranges. One school that is on those lists is recruiting my son to attend, but it's 3rd on his list, and I totally agree with his assessment. Another school which is considered top for those in the know (Harvard interviewers, etc), doesn't typically appear on those lists, but is my son's first choice.

Here's an article on the most expensive private schools from a few years back, but believe me, some of them are definitely not the best.…

Most expensive boarding schools in Europe:…

Private schools in the US:

Calvin Said:

What time do major private high schools tell you when you are accepted?

We Answered:

I applied to Choate and i am dying to know too.
I think that it can be as early as when admission office opens or as late as when it closes.
It will probably depend on your last name as many things do.
Umm also what grade are you applying to?
hope i helped

Anna Said:

What are the top private high schools in Manila, Philippines?

We Answered:……………

Harvey Said:

Which are the best private high schools in Orange County California?

We Answered:

I completely agree with the first poster, simply do your research for what the school needs to provide YOU, the student. You might start the research with this:…

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