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Science Articles For High School

Joseph Said:

is it right for Berkley High School to get rid of Science Labs because some minorities don't do well in them?

We Answered:

It's called liberalism.

Ian Said:

NEED SCIENCE FAIR HELP!!! Does anyone have any experimental ideas for a science fair on high school level?

We Answered:

With a video camera and editing software, you can measure the speed of sound. Have a friend set off a firecracker at one end of a large field or stadium while you film it. The difference in time between the flash and the bang, as measure by the number of frames, will give you the speed of sound.

Otherwise, here's an interesting site with thousands of DIY projects that might give you ideas:…

Barry Said:

I am a high school science research student studying synesthesia. What should I do?

We Answered:

The typical experiment they use is the one where all the 2's and 5's are mixed in together, and they check to see how fast the synesthete can find all the 2's. Since synnies see graphemes in certain colors, this is easily done. However, some synnies have 'strong associations' of colors for graphemes, and don't actually 'see' the colors projected on paper; only in their minds' eye.

Try googling Dr. Richard Cytowic; he has done the most recent research on the subject.

Darlene Said:

Do you have any interesting science articles which you'd like to share?

We Answered:

you should be able to find a bunch of different articles on here:
it's a magazine's website that is focused completely on science, and new scientific research, etc.

hope it helps!

Pauline Said:

HPLC with Capsaicin? Too Hard for High School Science Fair?

We Answered:

Having done HPLC experiments in college I'm not certain why you want to use it for measuring hotness of peppers? It's a chemical separation technique for analysis.

Also, HPLC requires specific equipment and compounds that I doubt you have access to. The process itself is not difficult, but you probably don't have access to the glass columns, methanol or other appropriate solvent, or the packing materials for the column.

What you want to decide, is what were you going to try to SHOW with HPLC? If you have a decent Question/Answer set for using HPLC, you can go to your school's chemistry teacher and ask if the school has the equipment in the lab, or if the teacher knows anyone at a local college that would be willing to do this with you. It's not impossible to get extra resources through the kindness of other deparments/institutions, but you'll have to really know what you want to ask and why the technique would answer it for them to want to donate valuable resources for you.

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