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Science Experiments For High School

Ralph Said:

freshman in high school science experiments topic?

We Answered:

Umm.. Well food in general will smell like what it tastes, and then you can give an example where it's opposite like the vanilla you cook with.. Then waste more space writing about why that doesn't count since it techinocally isnt food till you use & cook it.

Nicole Said:

sound experiments for high school science fair?

We Answered:

i reccomend the effects of sound waves preferebly a 50 decible pulse at 60bpm on the effects of plant growth

Christine Said:

what high school science experiment topic is best?

We Answered:

I think that Effect of Background Noise on Memory is the easiest to test, at least if you can find a way to test students in your school and the more you can get, the better. So if your in a big school, that works great.

For the essay, research
- what parts of the brain are used for memory (if you can find pictures for your board that's even better), what part of the brain registers sound (same concept with pictures)
-previous results of the project
(make sure all the information is from a reliable site so when you have a work cited page, it looks better)

Then include
- the process
- age group of your test subjects (also research how age can effect memory)
- hypothesis
- conclusion

Josephine Said:

What are good science experiments for high school?

We Answered:

Do a chemistry experiment, for burning money, by soaking it in alcohol you wont damage it at all.When the bill is soaked an alcohol-water solution, the alcohol has a high vapor pressure and is mainly on the outside of the material (a bill is more like fabric than paper, which is nice, if you've ever accidentally washed one). When the bill is lit, the alcohol is what actually burns. The temperature at which the alcohol burns is not high enough to evaporate the water, which has a high specific heat, so the bill remains wet and isn't able to catch fire on its own. After the alcohol has burned, the flame goes out, leaving a slightly damp dollar bill.

C2H5OH + 4 O2 -> 2 CO2 + 3 H2O + energy

Colleen Said:

Freshman in high school science experiments topic?

We Answered:

I found this really helpful Internet site that lists alot of suggestions for biology projects. If you will click on each major topic, you will get a list of projects with a lot of suggestions about how to accomplish the project, the supplies needed, and hints to think about. Good luck!…

Danielle Said:

Where can I buy live algae for a high school science experiment?

We Answered:

pet stores maybe a garden store /plant store

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